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  1. An experienced centre half is irrelevant, its a quality centre half we need, therefore ruling Haining out right away. FWIW Andy Webster would be ideal but I can't see that ever happening
  2. Seems it is Danny Grainger according to a guy from the sun. Can't believe LS called it spot on in his PM last week
  3. FWIW I thought Reilly looked sharp when he came on and had some lovely touches. Disappointed with Harkins, Goalie was poor but the speed in which Lex was on this forum after every goal showed he was desperate to criticize the keeper to back up his view. McGregor won a lot in the air and was sharper than I expected him to be, I'm amazed at the amount of elbows their big striker got away with. It also shows how far out the picture Lee Mair is that we brought on an untested centre half to play at right back ahead of him. A striker and left back needed urgently IMO.
  4. I wouldnt imagine Doris would have accepted a one year deal. He got 2 years at dundee, i imagine the wages wont be a million miles apart,as he would have started as back up for us but will probably be a first choice for dundee and its also a lot closer to home for him. Doris doesnt sign, and Lex states he would have been a good bit of value. If Doris had signed lex would have pointed to Wardlaw, McQuade etc as a reason we shouldnt sign guys like that and it is a waste of money. More attempts by Lex to have a go at the manager. sad really and extremely transparent.
  5. In terms of striking options, we seem to be the same boat as others Motherwell - Sutton, McHugh ICT - McKay, Sutherland Ross Cnty - Glen, Wolfharth Dundee Utd - Goodwillie, Graham Hibs - Caldwell, Handling Killie - Heffernan, McKenzie Hearts - Stevenson, Carrick Nearly every team, at this stage only has one experienced player and one younger player. St Johnstone and Aberdeen being the exceptions and even Hibs who only have 2 young guys.
  6. We have Thommo, Teale, Goodwin, Van Zanten, Mair and Harkins all either very late 20s or in their 30s. Cheesy, Barron, McLean, Gowser have all played 50-100 SPL games. I wouldn't say we are short on experience. We just need a couple of better players, whether they are 20 or 33 is irrelevant
  7. good luck to him, started very well but the dip after his first month or so was very alarming wonder if this will result in the signing of Steven Doris?
  8. Craig Burley has never been 'alright'......
  9. Do you know this for sure? hartlepool are now in the bottom English league, their stadium holds less than ours (although I'm not sure of their ave attendance) I wouldn't exactly say they will be swimming in cash.
  10. Stephen McGinn has signed for Sheffield United. Great move for him and hopefully he can get a good run of games and do well.
  11. Our first two games will be ICT away (3rd) then Killie home (17th) according to fixtures on official site. Celtic game was always going to be postponed so we dont actually have 2 aways to start
  12. No they don't, BBC reported that but its bollocks
  13. Daily Express reporting Steve Simonsen will be signing soon,
  14. Amazing the amount of times we hear this yet it never happens, Burns, Coyne, Molloy, Ramsey to name a few
  15. Someone retweeted a link from the scotsman linking us and 2 other SPL clubs with Danny Grainger. didnt read the article so not sure if theres any substance to it.
  16. I wouldnt imagine it being a centre midfielder (unless its Newton) as we have Gowser, Robertson, McGinn, McLean and Goodwin. (pretty much guaranteed it will be Gavin Rae now ive said that)
  17. Daily Express reporting today we are leading the race to sign Gary Harkins according to BBC gossip column
  18. They have also lost Iain Vigurs to oldham who was their best player by a fair bit last season.
  19. "I know on CSI" ha ha ha Aye, would have come up with a connection to a devil worshipping group before you could say "Its a TV programme ya dafty" Basing your opinion on the police on a TV programme is very funny, thanks. Have you actually read his post? Sent from my HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e using Black & White Army mobile app
  20. I would imagine chances of him ending back at us are very slim to none. BUT did he not have options down South and he choose Motherwell over them as his family were settled up here. I always thought he would be a stick on for Rangers, seems like they are going for Daly instead
  21. and to think he knocked back the Swansea job before Brendan Rogers got it!!
  22. Have to admit, my first reaction was why the f**k would you shout that at a st mirren game. Hate it when our fans lower themselves the the Old Firms level.
  23. It's not just a Scotland issue, I was travelling to Milton Keynes with work via train and changed over in Crewe and had an hour to spare. The town centre of Crewe made Paisley look like London. With large shopping centres and their free parking small town centres need to really re think what they are and what they can offer.
  24. We have Gowser, McGinn, Newton, Robertson and Goodwin who can all play in the middle. If Kenny goes I wouldnt want us to waste any cash on signing someone for the sake of it.
  25. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/21224969#asset unbelievable Thommos goal is f**kinng superb!!! No failures today
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