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  1. Can't see past that team to be honest, Guy and Parkin don't deserve to play based on the past few weeks. And we certainly need Goodwin in the middle of the park.
  2. I was given a MacAllan 15y/o fine oak today, anyone tried this before? Any good? I'm not much of a whisky drinker at all
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20639008
  4. McLean scores goals, unlike pretty much anyone else in our midfield right now, and IMO will out score any midfielder between now and the end of the season. Yes we need to battle to win games, but we also need quality players that compliment the hard workers, It may not be popular but based on what else we have currently (excluding Gowser) Kenny would be one of the first names on my teamsheet right now.
  5. 37year old lee Sharpe playing for Clyde today against Rangers
  6. Andy Dow and Kevin Twaddle are good shouts, also Eddie Annand was dire for us if i remember correctly. The John Coughlin era had a lot to answer for, Ricky Robb was honking also
  7. I think he has his G's mixed up, i think Billyg said about a current board member staying on...
  8. Please don't be callum Elliot ......
  9. According to one of the STV guys on Twitter we have taken Grant Adam on trial, Charlie Adams younger brother. He's a keeper and just been released by Sevco/newco/ rangers (take ur pick)
  10. Agreed, Its obviously all dependent on the sky response to the Sevco situation, but i would be delgihted if there were no more signings if it meant our club had done the right thing and voted no to Rangers FWIW, i also agree a young, back up keeper will be signed regardless
  11. Am i the only one that thinks the ship has sailed in terms of canvassing fan opinion? We are now 1 confirmed NO vote away from Newco not being in the SPL next year, and that doesnt include Celtic and St Johnstone who have heavily hinted at a NO vote. With Celtic fans talking of boycotting games involving teams that voted YES. what exactly will be achieved voting YES? it will just end up with a double hit for our finances SMFC need to Vote No and put the issue to bed. They know the fans opinion, scaremongering wont change that opinion. Not when we see clubs like ICT stepping out and backing a NO vote who must be in a similar position to ourselves financially
  12. I find the talk of potential administration quite bizarre to be honest, I thought we would be in a far better position to deal with this than most I've now seen figures of 500k and 60% drop in income is this the same figure? Bearing in mind we finished 8th last year that should be an extra 240k income over what was budgeted, we have always heard that we budget for 11th place. What about ESPN? How much do they contribute to the tv deal, they never got OF games so why would we lose their share of the deal? Even taking that as 100k per team so leaving sky with 80% of cost. On to the team, we have let go Mooy, Murray, Thomson, Smith, Hasselbaink, Tesselaar, McHugh,McShane and only brought in Guy, Parkin and Robertson. So if you match the 3 guys in with Thommo, tess and Hasselbaink in terms of wages, there must be 100k per year saved (on last year) between Murray, Smith, Mooy, McHugh and McShane. And at that I doubt the 3 guys in are on as much as those I've matched them with. Obviously I don't know the ins and outs of the numbers but I don't think I've wrote anything that is wildly inaccurate I would imagine if we were to face difficulties and possible administration then Dundee Utd, Aberdeen, Killie and possibly Motherwell will be absolutely f**ked.
  13. Have to be honest, with the momentum the bid has built up if the selling consortium were to reject the bid they could have a seriously unhappy fanbase on its hands. Its easy for me to say as I am not trying to sell my shares (and fair play to the consortium as they have been extremely patient so far) but if the consortium really want to sell to the right bid and get the right people involved, surely it doesnt get any better than the fans taking over the club. I would be extremely disapointed in the consortium if the bid doesnt go through at this stage, this may be unfair but i think a lot of people that have bought into this will feel the same
  14. http://news.stv.tv/scotland/west-central/297387-r*ngers-to-go-into-administration/
  15. Tuffey is back-up at ICT now, signed last season I do agree though, i would rather Gall stayed, but there will be plenty of good goalies about this summer, so i wouldnt lose any sleep over it
  16. Is anyone else at least a bit optimistic with the players we are looking at for pre-season? Burns, Thompson, Carey and McGowan are all good players to be targetting as opposed to our targets last season. I understand we wont get them all but it looks like DL has learned about Quality over Quantity Hopefully we can avoid any trialist debacles like we have had last season though
  17. Has he been injury prone in his career? He broke a bone in his foot and that kept him out this year, Don't remember him being injury prone before that I think Duffy would be a decent signing, maybe out our price range mind you
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