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  1. Have they? I genuinely haven't seen that, do you have the link LPM?
  2. It’s not even the fact he’s hopeless that annoys me more, it’s that he’s absolutely spineless. The absolute opposite of what you need in a relegation battle
  3. You posted the McA rumour about 20/30 minutes after he was named on Pie and Bovril. Your post before that was also from P&B.
  4. Flynn, Hippolyte and Mullen all signed for the Premiership as well.........
  5. The fact Flynn started shows the squad is still dreadful. Guy is a complete pretender.
  6. Not thrilled with the potential Sammon signing but he’s far more mobile than Parkin was. And still has some pace.
  7. For me, Buddivision was fine the Championship where getting access to highlights was a bit hit and miss. In the top league you have sportscene (albeit on at all hours) and BBC put up the highlights of all games at 6pm on the Sunday and the quality is good. As mentioned above if you are charging for something it has to be of sufficient quality. Buddievision isn’t IMO. The best friends thing they do is a bit of a laugh but there isn’t enough of that type of thing, I have no interest press conferences and after match interviews with a couple of players. The standard it is now it should be free with season tickets or you get a code with every matchup ticket for a 2 week subscription.
  8. Im not surprised he's left but thought he could have got a go in the championship no bother as opposed to a mid table league 1 side Would wish him all the best as he has done us a decent turn
  9. Lyness, O’Keefe and King all gone, on official twitter
  10. Good signing, was a stand out in some decent ICT teams. If I remember rightly used to score some screamers as well. Should also take some of the pressure off McGinn trying to do everything in the middle of the park
  11. Also in next years accounts will be Compensation received for JR and JF (£100k?) McGinn money (say conservative £900k?) Increased Prize fund (Last year was £1.02m for 12th v £533k for winning championship That's an extra £1.5m in income, not sure how season ticket income would stack up but would imagine its worst case the same? I would also expect gate receipts to be slightly up due to increased ticket price and teams like Killie, Hearts, OF bringing good numbers even if the home end dips slightly We also still have a couple of assets in Magennis and Erahon Im not saying the accounts are all rosy but I don't think we will have the begging bowl out either!
  12. The whole squad lack quality, none should lack effort but unfortunately they do.
  13. Report for this quarter is embarrassing. Amazing we have went from the high of romping the league last year, to this point of looking a million miles away from even being a competitive team in the top league. The most worrying bit for me is the lack of interest now, I have a season ticket and have chosen to miss the Celtic and Hibs games and wont be at Rangers this weekend. I've not even considered going to an away game. Sammy apart I wouldn't be that fussed if any of the players were released tomorrow.
  14. As harsh as it sounds it might just be that Stephen isn't good enough to be a premiership player. He was at Dundee in 2015 and they hardly raved about him. He might be better with better players around him, We will get taken apart all season if we persist with McGinn and Flynn in the middle. As good as McGinn had been the previous season and a half, there isn't one player this season (apart from Sammy until last night) that I would give pass marks to and not one that I would be bothered if they were dropped or punted.
  15. This might be my favourite ever post on this forum
  16. That was awful Said on Twitter that I was concerned about McGinn and Flynn in the middle. Turns out it was only one of the many issues. Flynn is a pretender at this level, constantly hiding, not looking for the ball and when he gets it he just passes the buck. I wouldn’t pick him again. I actually am starting to hope S McGinn is carrying an injury, if not he is nowhere near up to it as this level. Edwards is limited but at least gives us some graft. Don’t think I can remember a team since Gretna who have looked so out of their depth in this league.
  17. We are going with a back 3 with Edwards and Hodson as wing backs by the looks of things
  18. There's no way this would happen though, the League would do some corporate deal to provide Fosters/Carlsberg/Carling type dross at every ground
  19. I was on holiday for that game and couldn’t wait to see him play when I got back based on the reports. Went to the Queen’s Park game and he was dreadful playing as a wing back (not the only one to be fair!) All the best to him but another that won’t be missed
  20. I was thinking Brock-Madsen and Jones. NBM only signed on loan until January so will be one of the first discarded. I can also see Coulson going, reminds me a bit of Plummer, looks a decent player but not convinced he’s right for a relegation scrap.
  21. Absolutely fantastic point And for Oran Kearney to organise the team to get a clean sheet against Celtic is incredible considering how abysmal we have looked defensively this season. Good start from Ferdinand, looked gubbed at half time but will get even better. And Jack Baird looks a different player when played alongside an older head. Fantastic
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