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  1. If he tears it up it wouldn't be bad news... Also an option to extend until end of the season, possibly tied into numbers of games played?
  2. Great move for John, outstanding signing for Villa. I honestly think he will be a revelation in that league
  3. They look decent, pity the Cetco 99/00 one isn’t there.
  4. That will be development fee. It usually works out to be washers (possibly not on a £75m deal mind you)
  5. I guess we wont confirm the sale until we have a player or two in...especially as he started on Saturday (Just waiting on it being confirmed in the next 5 minutes now...)
  6. If he goes ill be happy to ask Gordon at the AGM. Its the profit from his next sale, with is say £3.8m if he's sold for £4m. Hibs sell on would be for any profit that Villa made. There's no way its a never ending trail whilst John McGinn keeps being sold on.
  7. I'm sure that's not what happens, once McGinn is sold our contract with Hibs is done
  8. You didn't say IF Stubbs is involved at all. You passed it off as fact, saying 'So Stubbs can stop helping Hibs' and 'Odd that out manager is helping Hibs' But hey ho, anything to have a dig at our manager, no matter how petty or daft it makes you look.......'A few Hibs related sites'.......
  9. Sounds legit if it was from Hibs related site... Imagine passing that off as a fact, scraping the barrel in terms of slagging our manager
  10. Wonder if Cooke will go out on loan for 6 months. Possibly to a championship team to get him used to full time Scottish football?
  11. Also highlights we have little ‘natural’ wide midfielders. Good to see Magennis back starting
  12. I think the issue with Flynn playing there (and same problem I have with McGinn) is that he isn’t quick enough to play that position. Also not sure he is good enough defensively if called upon. A Liam Smith type would be a stand out playing RWB.
  13. Btw, I think it’s now clear to see why Jack was whoring himself round any decent club down south. The squad was no where near good enough and if Hippolyte and Flynn are ‘ones for next season’ added to the signings of Kellerman and McGinn I think major questions need to be asked of his premier league signings. Looking back Jack probably overachieved with the squad last year, added to the fact no one else in the league hit any level of consistency. Whoever came in was going to have a massive rebuild ahead of them, especially after losing Morgan and Davis. Everyone is saying the feel good factor is gone from last year but 2 or 3 decent signings before next Saturday and a win against Dundee and I’m sure that will all disappear Not saying everything is rosy, QP game was my first game and it was f**king grim. On recruitment there’s not been many signings the other teams have made that has made me think I wish we got them (Motherwell signing Connor Sammon FFS). At least the manager isn’t blind to it and is highlighting how much he needs to get the right striker in.
  14. Think the standard expected of a Liverpool player and st mirren player is slightly different
  15. One of the telling things tonight was despite screaming out for a goal or some creativity, Stubbs left Cooke and King on the bench, two of his signings, whilst only using 2 subs. First I’ve seen of the team tonight and to be honest I’m shocked at what I seen, Heaton looked nervous to start but I’m not too concerned about him I think he will come good. Kpekawa described himself as a ball playing centre half....f**k me, his distribution is atrocious. McGinn is a major downgrade from Liam Smith, amazed Ross signed him. Wasn’t impressed with Coulson, looked too lightweight. Cammy Smith looks lost Mullen, Flynn, Stephen McGinn didn’t impress either Anyone else think we don’t look fit either? Coulson and KPekawa looked knackered after about 50mins Really surprised at quite how poor we were tonight.
  16. I was just to write almost the exact same first line[emoji85] Think you are harsh on Mullen, absolutely no one helping him. We need better but the way we are playing is hanging him out to dry.
  17. McGinn is not a wing back. Ok defensively but not good enough on ball or quick enough
  18. First game of the season for me due to holidays. Looking forward to it.... Fancy is to win by a few. The Spartans draw and humping from Sunderland will have given the players a shock. I would go Samson/Rogers (not fussed) McGinn Kpekawa Heaton Coulson McGinn Magennis / McPherson Flynn Smith King Cooke
  19. Missed two big chances though Still think he could have done a job for us mind you
  20. Do people still go away on the fair?? Do people really bother with that anymore Not convinced that will make any impact
  21. This 100%, even Craig’s was very tame with one comment about wishing he had resigned coming right at the end All the big voices here getting ripped into Stubbs will all by shear chance have other things on that night and will be unable to attend
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