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  1. No idea why they are crossing Hugh balls in for Morais
  2. Interesting that Baird isn’t getting a look in, must be well down the pecking order if they’d rather put a midfielder in
  3. How is he supposed to pull out of that, never a red
  4. I was emailed the link Still not got my top though
  5. This makes me really happy [emoji2]
  6. That’s one way to put our last home defeat to bed
  7. Hmmm, seemed like a good one to miss today. On the upside, having read through this, pepper in Bovril might be a game changer [emoji3]
  8. But similar player though and gets in about it, exactly the kind of player Jack likes in forward positions
  9. Would still have expected it to show up online and be able to at least put the order in, it's just disappeared.
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