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  1. Hi buddie.. as you've probably gathered I don't use this forum any longer. My dad does and he told me about your post. You can get me on Facebook as Ian Brown or Twitter as IanB1877. I'm glad to hear your coming to a game soon and would happily get a beer beforehand 😁
  2. Pretty much my thoughts David. He was originally a CM but Davie Longwell put him out wide in the Under 20s. I dont think hes fully utilised out wide although he does a very good job there. He has a natural tendency to want to take a man on and get in behind defences and most definetly doesnt mind a tackle. So for me putting him central makes us stronger. Nothing against McShane but i think as a team with Kyle in his place in the middle we are a better team.
  3. Whats the deal with this boys?? Im using hola and on hibs tv it says uk subscribers only get audio....as i am currently in Afghan lol if i subscribe will it detect im outside uk and give me video??
  4. To be fair this is a match day thread about Ayr United away....so based on that we have a right to feel buoyed by a massive result we desperately needed. Now we can turn our attention to the Hibs at home match day thread and talk about the fact our situation is still very precarious [emoji106]
  5. The drum definitely worked today...not gonna lie i wasn't a fan of them but it kept the atmosphere going big time today [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  6. My wheels were part of my car when the gearbox went.....
  7. Yeah it's easy to say we can't move up the table based on good performances alone...but it keeps the belief we are heading in the right direction. We played some great stuff at times today and created 3 or 4 great chances. Obviously one of the reasons we are where we are is losing soft goals and you could easily put those two today in that category. The only gripe I have is changing the shape when Quinn goes off. Magennis and Mallan have to play further forward simple as that..Clarkson imo has no place in the team especially in the kind of number 10 role he is put in..i think the young boy from Aberdeen whos coming in might turn out to be a good idea whether hes cover for Quinn or good enough to start. Hopefully the fans turn out next Saturday and we get rewarded with 3 points against them lol..
  8. If your struggling to find one i have one you could borrow??
  9. Just when you think this guy can't talk anymore shite than he already does.....[emoji42] [emoji42] [emoji42]
  10. No mate we have two keepers who are absolutely hopeless. Langfield in particular!!!
  11. Nope not having that....I'm a big fan or Stevie but there lies the problem with a smaller squad. He's been poor in the four games I've been to and needs a kick up the arse. Maybe getting dropped would do that. But like I said with such a small squad we aren't in a position to do this resulting in players knowing regardless of how they play there's a good chance they will start every week!!!
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