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  1. Another thread of mine deleted by a mod!!!

  2. The entire watsons building will be opening up in 2011 as a high class lap dancing venue with girls from the hottest clubs in Europe appearing every week.
  3. Got 8 Xbox kinects left @ £70. PM if interested

  4. Ha ha nice witty reply,Garry be honest if you didn't run a bus frond there would you chose to drink in it?Fact is Paisley has no decent pubs a shame really.
  5. Station lounge what-a shithole,Tacky dosent even begin to describe this place mirrored roof. And picture of the godfather on walls oh dear.
  6. pussy pussy pussy

    1. santaponsasaint
    2. scottd


      Self praise is no praise.

  7. Fifa is for wankers

  8. How can the fans be the 11th man anyway?
  9. Francie and Josie what a f**king liberty,get this pash shifted.
  10. At the risk of sounding likecthe shull the celebration meals are outstanding value!!!
  11. No but the one in Glasgow is one of the best places I have been!!!
  12. You logged onto my account?I have pms from a few female forum members that are private I'm raging.
  13. The one

    I Phone

    I have an iphone 4 and smashed the screen into a million pieces
  14. The fox and hounds us highly over rated.
  15. 1 piccolo mondo Glasgow,just amazing.http://www.piccolomondo.co.uk/menu.php?id=101 2 balbirs route 77 the best indian in Scotland by far. http://www.balbirsrestaurants.co.uk/route77_home.html 3 The ship in,when you want some nice Scottish food. 4 To follow 5 To follow
  16. Everyone of them is pish!!!!imo ofcourse.
  17. The one


    Does anybuddie have one??
  18. Iphone 4 yes please!!!Goodbye blackberry.

  19. Paisley Saint gabe me a call a few hours after the game and broke this news shocked to say the least!! Over the past four or five years I've known Derek its been a pleasure,A more humble,down to earth guy you will never meet a true saint and a true lover of this forum!!!Its been an honur to of Known him. R.I.P Sunny Foxbar Saint xx
  20. The one


    Got the 8520 curve tonight,Great bit of kit!!
  21. The one


    Sound thats what im gettin then!!
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