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  1. Goes without saying Saturday's result/performance had fck all to do with Gus. We're going to struggle this season, deffo be in the relegation mix and it's entirely possible we'll go straight back down. None of this is the fault of either Gus or OK - fault lies 100% with Stubbs and his abject transfer window. Reminds me of when Alex Rae put together the shambles of a side that was going to get us relegated only for JR to work his magic. Fingers crossed OK can do something similar. With apologies for straying back on topic
  2. Stubbs is clearly treating the BetFred as a series of pre-season friendlies and we should view both the results and the performances in that context. So far, he's mainly signed non-league/inexperienced players from down south. Reckon his signings over the next few weeks will be what makes or breaks our season. At least wait and see who the 'marquees' are.
  3. Impressed by the number of magnanimous posters on here. A credit to B&WA. I, on the other hand, hope Sunderland lose every game next season and get papped into League 2, the tapping-up basturds.
  4. Aye, mebbes but given a choice between Hayes and a certain trophy-laden young winger now on Celtic's books, I know who I'd prefer.
  5. A few mentions about the need to bring in new central midfielders. Surely everyone realises that Jack is going to announce Wee Stevie Mallan signing back on for the season?
  6. Davis missed most of the run-in due to injury. O'Brien, while a definite improvement on Clangers, was nothing to write home about. I'll give you Mallan and Loy though. Decent striker still required I reckon.
  7. Scored two goals last season. Presumably only intended as back-up to Rory Loy when he signs
  8. Naw he's not. Just called him and got: "You've reached the voicemail for Jack Ross, manager of the greatest football club on earth. I'm not available right now but if you'd like to leave your name, number and short message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Unless you're calling on behalf of Dundee FC in which case, I've already said no so please f*ck off and let me enjoy my holiday"
  9. Once Jack's back from his well earned holiday/bunk-up with Div, would like him to declare one way or the other as soon as possible. Uncertainty over the manager's position is going to play merry hell with our recruitment over the close season so much as I desperately want Jack to stay, if he is going to go I'd rather he did it quickly so we can get on with replacing. Players like Stelios and Harry Davis who are busy considering another season in sunny Paisley will be reading this kind of stuff and thinking twice. Hopefully Jack knows Neil McCann from their media stuff and can get the inside track on just what a basket case Dundee are.
  10. Then a few folk on here are wrong. "Lovely" is not an adjective you will often hear associated with Barnsley. Even by people from Barnsley. Having said that, a cheeky wee pre-season tour of Yorkshire would be spot on. Especially a trip at Bootham Crescent for some MacNamara-baiting
  11. Pretty much unheard of for a manager to bring in ten new signings in the January window and for not one of them to be a dud (although to be fair I've seen virtually nothing of the Scandinavian lad). That's an astonishing strike rate and based on that alone, I'd be happy to just wait and trust JR to bring in whoever he needs. Worst case scenario has Mallan and Morgan getting moves to Premiership/some diddy English team and McGinn moving on as well. I remember when Jack brought Stevie McGinn in he was pretty clear that McGinn was too good for this level and we were lucky to have him.
  12. Sure about that bud? End of February we were 8 points adrift at the bottom of the league. Against that background, having to slaughter a couple of diddy teams to stay in the Championship ain't too shabby.
  13. Are we saying that today's goal was better than Mallan's masterpiece against Dundee a couple of seasons back?
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