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  1. What ever happened to him? He is supposed to be injured but I am starting to think that might be code for a January parting of the ways.
  2. I disagree, if good people don’t call out bad behaviour then society is f**ked. Publicly denigrating a young football player because you don’t think he is very good is deserving of the ex Coventry dwelling fans comment.
  3. Dundee fans claimed he was asking for too much money………………given their current salary scale…….that’s quite the statement.
  4. I wonder if Killie will look at Erwin on loan to replace Hendry?
  5. Watching Scott Allan on loan at ICT it was obvious he had the ability to not just see a pass but actually make it. He is doing a lot better now at managing his health issues and would definitely add something to anyone in the bottom 6. Hibs are kicking on as a club and are in the position of having better players and Allan needs regular football so this makes sense for both parties.
  6. Dundee were quoted as paying 25% of his £9,000 p/w salary. No wonder the bhoy doesn’t want to leave Celtic.
  7. Jamie is only worth what someone will pay, yes he is an International player but that would be 4 competitive appearances for one of the worst ROI teams in recent years. He is also 25 and while a decent player at our level he is hardly someone a club looks at as an emerging talent. As for the last minute part, we were swapping him for Wright and Allan so it was not going to leave us short of numbers. Jamie is decent but no more than that.
  8. Hopefully Charlie gets a wee stint for his DD offence, Thumbhead keeps his beer belly and Cumdog rots in their reserves……..Dee’s 3 highest paid players contributing the square root of hee haw. 👍🏻
  9. We could still play a back 4 with Tait at LB and Marcus at RB and Kyle or Henderson at right side of midfield.
  10. 15 goals in 4 years at better clubs, we need something but not sure he was it.
  11. I would imagine that is just frustration from Jim but as a player who was partial to a second yellow card himself, I’m sure he will get over it 😛
  12. I actually don’t blame the players, we are just set up to shitfest our way through games.
  13. Didn’t Fitzy do the same with Dave Winnie to drive up the price for his eventual transfer to Aberdeen?
  14. So Jim, is Tony still giving it the top 6 chat?
  15. If only they had got a better therapist.
  16. Fair play to the BBC for finding evidence of his Saints ‘career’.
  17. Celtic trying to get some of their money back I guess otherwise if they saw a future for him they would have wanted to see him in our league.
  18. When the team were warming up at Tynecastle, Jackson said something to Cammy Smith who said something back. Jackson then grabbed him by the neck. I would have sacked the c**t for that. Horrible individual who should never have been allowed near our club.
  19. I would imagine they have to pay an inconvenience allowance to get players to play up there?
  20. ......and look where that got him. “Derek Derek get tae f**k.” It’s like Archibald turning down Swindon when he was at Thistle. As much as Ross is a smarmy fecker, moving to Sunderland was the right decision.
  21. If Morton are the unwashed, Accies are the unflushable.
  22. Lad must be knackered as he played against Accies today. Lyness, Grant, Ellis Broadfoot, N.McAllister, Erhahon, Henderson, McMaster, Djorkaeff, Jamieson, Cooke
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