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  1. Need to split it into bevvy eons: For underage drinking Kennedy's was ideal for 1st Year bevvying exploits. Seedy Backchat, Paris and the Wine Bar were next up. Carnegies was a regular haunt later on including the Bonkers bus. Extending this beyond Paisley, the best pub in all Renfrewshire was The Bird in the Hand.
  2. HMV is having a bit of a clear out - much cheapness: 1. Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady 2. Buzzcocks - Love Bites 3. Associates - The Radio One Sessions Volume 2 4. Black - The Collection 5. Ella & Louis - Cheek to Cheek
  3. YUISSSS!!!!! Weeks hols getting booked for the last week in July!!!!
  4. Most were in my monged out days so the names evade but: 1. Pub in Torry in Aberdeen...offshore colleagues local..it was like a gold cygnet ring exchange shop as everytime someone got their c"nt kicked in they were removed of all jewellery and thrown out of the back door into an alley. Thankfully the colleague was doing most of the jewellery removing so I got through the escapade unscaved. Most fights in a pub I've ever witnessed in one night. 2. Bird in the Hand, Johnstone....an old local that always had a "somethings going to happen" feel to it. There was never any handbags, if it kicked off it generally went a bit John Wayne movie style free for all. 3. Club in London.....I was on a corporate gig with Microsoft back in the 90's. ABout 4 in the morning somewhere in west london I stumbled on a club with a big blackfella on the door - full-on 70's agro afro...he told me it was a black club only - I said nae bother and waltzed in....the whole place stopped dancing and the sharp intake of breath from the clubbers managed to drown out the thumping and very excellent music. I announced my arrival, stated my intent of having a wee bounce in their club and thanked them for their hospitality.....massive dreadlocked f"k'r wonders up and just as the "aw f"ck naw" thought was mustering, the big chap handed me a fairly chunky spliff....turned out a magic night. 4. Dalmellington Pub....Back in the 80's I had the misfortune to find myself in Dalmellington for a few weeks. I was warned not to go into the pub by colleagues but fancying a real pint ditched the advice. This was in the middle of the miners strikes...I didn't even get to the bar when the entire place erupted at my presence....I saved myself from the Frankenstein-village-style mutants by running up a hill to where I new a colleague was snogging a local bird. Poor wegie c"nt got the kicking as I watched from the top of the hill. 5. Invergordon Pub....Went through on a Saturday night after an all nighter on the Friday in sneck. Guest of a big gingy Orcadian f"k'r who was a bit of a drugged up Erik the Viking character. There was fighting in the street before we even got to the pub. A real dichotomy of a place....one half were junky funsters with a real flavour for pleasure, the other half had that local never been out the town limited and indecipherable vocabulary and the aggresive nature that comes with the failure to communicate and inability to breed outside their brothers and sisters. A testosterone fuelled wee place and everything was a test of testicular fortitude. Pleasant enough night out and an experience but not one I'd care to repeat.
  5. St. Sid

    Gta Iv

    Name and shame them TL.
  6. St. Sid

    Gta Iv

    I was in Glasgow and popped into "Game" to get a couple of PS2 games for Sid Jnr. They had some toy electric guitars and a mini electric drumkit wired up to a PS3. There was a queue of pony-tailed fluff-faced freaks, not one of them under thirty, salivating and fidgeting disturbingly like Inspector Grim at a gay bukkaki session. Sad Bastards indeed!
  7. www.leatherjoyboys.com counts as an adult site too Grim.
  8. The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia The Killers - Sawdust James - Hey Ma The Associates - Wild and Lonely The Associates - The Glamour Chase
  9. I was watching Jools Holland the other night as James were on it. The Gutter Twins only played one track, "Idle Hands" but it was f'k'n magic. Its the first time in years I have bought an album based on hearing one song once. Not only that the album is as good as I hoped. 1. The Gutter Twins - Idle Hands (Saturnalia) 2. Arcade Fire - Power Out (Funeral) 3. J&M Chain - Never Understand (Psychocandy) 4. James - Sit Down (Gold Mother) 5. Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic (Barry Manilow)
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    Bet Any Money

    Best tennis player I've ever seen.
  11. Good to see Virgin has dropped the chargeable broadband support. Rudeness and bad language works after all.
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    Help Please

    I had similar issues recently. When you change devices you need to reboot the modem. When it is rebooted it will answer the devices query for the new IP Address. If that isn't the issue then it might be down to a conflict in the IP Addresses used for your VPN and your home network. However, if you are connecting the devices direstly to the modem and not through a router it would not be an issue.
  13. I am on the Virgin VIP package......free recording doofer box plus you get to keep your old set top box to use in another room, 10MB broadband soon to be upped again, all the channels including Setanta and free calls including to mobiles and international = £85 a month. The new recording doofer box is a genuine "whit the fu" technological advance! However, the contact centres are as pish as ever. Broadband support is also done offshore rendering it utterly useless. Best to moan like f**k to the corporate CS team who will send an engineer out, who are decent sorts and technically capable.
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