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  1. Andy Newport is part and parcel of the 10000 hrs marketing team. We've then seen the online marketing immediately weigh in with spurious supporting scaremongering. How many times are fans going to allow themselves to be conned in this way before they realise they cannot trust a word coming out of the club and particularly10000 hrs at the moment?
  2. Everything should be taken with a pinch of salt. There's a lot of vested interests in 10000 hrs. Both are in fact being creative with the "facts" as some people know them. There aren't three tabled bids. My understanding is that there is still only one fishal bid on the table - the really shite one from 10000 hrs. Davidg's assetion that a current board member will stay on if the US bid is successful is only partly true. There will be a warm handover, which means that most if not all of the current BoD will be in play for a few months along with the new owners and their team. The press release / leak has come primed with the usual dodgy "facts" intermingled with the ",but I'm prepared to see what is in the new bid" bollox. Make no mistake 10000 hrs are trying to force the hand of the selling consortium into accepting a bid that is underfunded. It's all shite, underhand political bollox and should be given no credence whatsoever. 10000 hrs should shut the f"k up and give the selling consortium the time and space to deliver the best future for St Mirren football club, its fans and the wider community. 10000 hrs is not the only show in town. However, the alternative bid is not the shady east european / craig whyte scenario that has been getting peddled by 10000 hrs to try and frighten fans into ignoring the lack of substance to their own bid.
  3. So you haven't worked it out yet.
  4. Quite......bonnie prince ecky veto'd the funding for SMFC fans takeover......and then uses his "power" to help the newco write off many millions of taxpayers' money. Utter scumbag!!!
  5. Cannae believe you still haven't worked out what's going on.
  6. The stories well off the mark based on the statement from 10000 hrs. They claimed they had bid £1.25M and gave zero details on how the payment was actually made up. The £1.5M over three years was the rumour about the US based bid. From the last time 10000 hrs actually gave any detail on their bid it was basically £500K from Bii and deferred payments for the rest over a number of years paid for by fans direct debits and as yet unexplained income from CIC initiatives.
  7. Heard today that scumgers were dead and buried and had all but given up and then Alex Salmond personally intervened.
  8. Wee bit disappointed that Dave looks nothing like Yul Brynner.
  9. Quality meltdown by pozbaird...those gingy's really are tempreMENTAL. Highly amusing that the online marketing weigh in with nonsense about how they'll be demanding information from alternative bids as if its got anything to do with them. This is a business transaction between a selling consortium and a bidder meeting their asking price. There is no fans cash involved so like it or not it's got f"k all to do with the online marketing. You either continue to buy your season ticket or you f"k off in the huff like StuDickson because it didn't go the way you wanted it to. 10000 hrs could have been great for the club when the £750K grant funding was there. That grant funding was the foundations of the entire project. When that went 10000 hrs was in quicks and clutching at straws. Fans have to be applauded for their backing of the scheme to the last...but its time to look at it with real world eyes and realise that the financial strength to take the club forward just isn't there. The selling consortium as they have always done since the creation of the 52% shareholding have complete control over the future direction of the club. They could have settled for the few sheckles that 10000 hrs had managed to scrape together and left the club genuinely in the shite. It is time for the 10000 hrs marketing team to give it a rest and let the selling consortium get on with the difficult job of securing a bright future for the club, its fans and the wider community. St Mirren Football Club is more important than the personal ambitions of a few committee types. As 10000 hrs very well know there are stipulations in play for all bids for the club. There is a requirement for growing the community side of the club as well as a requirement for fans involvement. Selective hysterics from the usual suspects. Stop trying to mislead your fellow fans.
  10. Deal well progressed and I'm in the frame for Fans President.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg4075Ovnpk
  12. No as big as Faraway and Kendo...but big enough.
  13. I'll see you and raise you two milkshakes.
  14. Thommo was on Radio Scotland slabbering over what a great move the newco is for Templeton....how he'll love turning up at Murray Park as it is such a wonderful facility...how he'll playing in front of the wonderful newco support......
  15. This post rates you lower than clown shoes. Cannae believe none of you hasn't worked it out yet. Its like watching New Tricks with the sidlettes.
  16. Even a clown shoes could work out what is going on now.
  17. Unfortunately not LS. We are now at the stage were SG wakes up in the shower and realises it was all just a bad dream. The saga will be continuining for a wee while yet.
  18. Not long until somner9 and glenburn ed get their dancing shoes on for the 10000 hrs wake:
  19. That's interesting....mibbae we should get the students to campaign about it. Moany wee cnuts might just force the Uni to do something with the building. Disgrace if the Uni is allowing a listed building in Paisley to fall into such a state.
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