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  1. This is indicative of the poor communication regarding the "process" that fans aren't allowed to question. Rather than just trot out that it is common practise why not provide a link to information that confirms the common practice and provide some examples to help fans understand. Instead it just reads as arrogance and doesn't really address concerns that are being repeated and read ad nauseum. The handover process for the club has never been outlined proprely for fans who I would imagine will be absolutely bricking it at that point, just as we were all very nervous when the first soil was broken at Greenhill Road. Fans aren't stupid; however the communication from 10000 hrs is.
  2. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!! THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!! I reckon the club could make a few bob by selling tickets for the moment 10000 hrs hands over the Nero Blanco funds to SMiSA.
  3. Always thought the University would do something with it. They cnuts are loaded, but are chosing to pish all their money away on taking over the south west of scotland.
  4. Good post, but you have been conned by the 10000 hrs online marketing team into focussing on the just the debt involved in 10000 hrs. The biggest worry for me is the capability of 10000 hrs to actually run the club. There will be no warm hand over. Once the deal is signed SG & Co ship out and we are left with the commercial director, general manager, the chap with the nice legs, GLS and Tony F. These guys claim they can increase club revenues....when asked how they will do that, you enter the weirdest ever episode of tales of the unexpected. If the clubs income goes down then 10000 hrs CIC nonsense that is already stretched for cash will be responisble for shoring up the shortfall. The approach appears to be one of get the deal done at all costs and then worry about how we make it all work later on. its that sort of rash attitude to a project that delivers endless episodes of DIY SOS. The shambles over newco where Bii put the deal on hold should be the big wake up call. Show us the money!!!!
  5. There's a lot more questions that that need answering. Like I said after the last meeting, the fans were put in a catch 22 situation. They'll be in a worse catch 22 situation should the bid be accepted. We either funds clown shoes x 2's ego trips to run a football club / CIC to the grim death or we stop funding the clown shoes x 2's ego trips and race to the grim death of the club. If this was any other business venture I would probably be involved for the high risk fun of it. It is not a business venture...it is a club that plays a key part in a lot of good people's lives and already serves a significant purpose in our wider community. They should show us the money or get ti.
  6. Your too late Tsu. If the bid is accepted the selling consortium will be given their cash and 10000 hrs / Bii will be the new owners of SMFC. The BoD will be made up of GLS, REA, Caldwell, REA's mate with the nice legs and Tony F. They can pretty much do what they want with the club at that point. The "draft constitution", which we were told at the public meeting has been used for the purposes of the interim organisation will be in play and through that constitution the fans are powerless. You're making demands too late. The deal will be done and that's when you think its the right time to ask questions about the financial model...
  7. There has been no respone RS. A few dodgy FAQs and a public meeting were no information was provided other than disgraceful scaremongering...the implication being that the selling consortium would hand the club over the Angelo Massone. The communication to fans has been disgraceful.....and that's when they still have the begging bowl out. Once firmly installed in control of SMFC they will be impossible to shift unless they run the club into the ground...at that point the sale of the club will be burst wide open. Fans need to be 100% sure that this scheme can work. We don't have the information available to be able to hold that view. There is no influence RS. If fans don't keep up the payments they lose the club. If you think communication with fans is poor now, wait until we're in a catch 22. Lessons should be learnt from the newco scaremongering.
  8. If you were at the last public meeting you would have noted that REA did not want to discuss "the process". Once the ink is dry the direct debit payments will start being actioned and GLS and REA will be in control of SMFC along with the rest of the interim BoD. There will be zero deadline on when they need to hold elections and they can veto anyone that wins an election. The reality is that there are more questions than answers Tsu. This is a massive decision for the club that could put us right back to square one - or worse.
  9. That's annoying as I've been waiting for that one....fits with the bevvy'd link as I have passed it on the long walk home from Paisley after a good bevvy session. Cracking building and shame its going to ruin.
  10. I'm not convinced we do know their motivation. We've had the sales pitch; however the behaviours have been very different. I have seen no evidence whatsoever of us becoming a "community" orientated club. Under 10000 hrs involvement in the club we have seen the club opt for perceived increase in shirt revenues at the expense of service to the community.....we have seen disabled fans getting charged twice for entry and if the latest rumours are true some of the community development staff have been made redundant. It all started well and the story was great.......the reality has been very different. Lies, upon lies, upon misdirection, upon scaremongering, upon commercialisation at the expense of community, maximising profits from supporters wallets, making staff redundant.......not quite the community club we were hoping for I fear. It looks more like two large egos taking trying to take control of the club no matter what the cost. For me that's exactly the kind of people we don't want running the club irrespective of who they support. If the numbers don't add up, if they cannot improve the club beyond what it already is then no deal should be done. We should look to alternatives that deliver genuine community involvement. The fans have shown a willingness to support the progress of the club with additional investment. There is an opportunity there - 10000 hrs have failed to bring to fruition for whatever reason. We really need to see evidence of serious financial backing rather the result of scaremongering fans. The communication suggests that the funding from Bii is even in doubt again and not yet signed off. The fan empowerment element is a lot of bollox, so in reality all you have is a supporters bar. A combination of SMiSA and subscriptions from 1000 fans could see the bar realised in 6 months. Rattle the profits - if there are actually any - straight back into the club. Essentially you are paying to have GLS and REA take control of St Mirren Football Club along with a few hingers on. It is only a viabled investment if you KNOW it is going to work - WE DON'T!!!.....and based on performance so far......the repeated failures to land funding, the hair-brained schemes and the Boardroom meltdown doesn't inspire confidence that these chaps are going to be able to sustain the income required to pay back the debt / maintain the current healthy position of SMFC. A proper communication to the fans would have broken down how the £1.25M is made up. It is no surprise that yet again we get marketing blah, blah rather than anything that delivers any genuine confidence in the support.
  11. Seeing them pulled out of the hat along with Irvine Meadow and Bonnyrigg Rose is mildy amusing.
  12. That's weird...I thought that too...also thought it might be the building with the pub WYD used to DJ in.....Cheers? Nothing like either of them though.
  13. My money is on nothing happening and the d.d.'s slowly dwindling away despite mad press releases talking about imaginary deadlines from 100000 hrs.
  14. Slightly better communication from 10000 hrs.....they're actually talking about something that they might do. The use of the £1,500 is a strange one though. Why wait until after the bid...why not set this up for the next home league game.....its the fans money and has hee-haw to do with whether the bid goes ahead or not. What happens to the cash if the bid doesn't go ahead? I reckon this whole sorry saga will continue to bore us all for some time yet.
  15. The Faces were a poor mans Small Faces.
  16. fishal reason given was that the goalie was blocked. Naebody near him.
  17. Should have been all 3 points for Berwick....very dodgy refereeing decision....I wonder how long the "faithful" will be demanding Green keeps fat sally in post. The part-timers looked fitter than the highly paid mercenaries.
  18. Hmmm...definitely associating it with being bevvied or......is there a glue shop under it?
  19. 93 is going to be a right annoying one.....know it but just can't place it....is there a pub under it?....Causeyside Street?
  20. I reckon the BoD and 10000 hrs should come out on the pitch at the next home game and personally hand the blanco nero cash back to the fans that donated it personally along with their thanks and an apology for unecessary scaremongering. That would draw a line under the sorry matter.
  21. Looks like reborn is set for another trip to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and he'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats. It is brilliant how my view that Cheesey would become a good 1st team player for St Mirren has developed into me being part of the selling consortium. I do have a relative who was the chairman back in the 80s - Mawz cousin or thereabouts. The one that was going to build himself a hoose in cairter's corner and sold Ferguson after the cup final. I have gutted a few rabbits in my day but have never worked for and am certainly not related to the McAuslands. It just shows you how easy it is for 10000 hrs rumourmongering to quickly be accepted as fact. All the more reason to take the KMG character assassination with a pinch of salt. 10000 hrs and the selling consortiums credibility is in the shitter. I wouldn't give either group a lick at my shite at this point in time.
  22. Update just in fae Angelo Massone...."I have no interest in buying St Mirren and Div is just a Craig Hill look-a-likey making up silly stories."
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