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  1. Stuart, are you really sure that you meant to type this? Mibbes I don't pay enough attention but Respected for being less posh!..... and not tolerating fools! Is yon Boris 1/fool then? I don't know what the optimum posh/un-posh respect index is .....? Aye, maybe I'm not paying attention to who is speaking on my behalf.... Carry on...
  2. Main stand assistant lines person: Webster kicked in the pus within 10 yards of him - didn't see it. Heady tennis melee in midfield, Falkirk player punches it - didn't see it. WWF moves whilst defending a corner - didn't see it. Langfield stops the ball on-ish the goal line on the far side of the goals - he can see both the ball and the line through langfield's body! Maybe the line screamed as the ball crossed it? A well practiced scream seemed to secure most decisions.
  3. Priceless! All previous had been 8 right enough. Given Mallen's direct free kicks are one of our few attacking options we should all provide this counting assistance to Refs in the future.
  4. Hopefully avoid the need for Vidiprinter brackets (s-c-o-r-e), but with confidence now completely shot I fear for us.
  5. But everyone can see we are crying out for a big hairy ar%#d no nonsense Land Rover at centre half?
  6. Okay, so can we divert the topic from those currently afflicted (allegedly) with anger management issues and delight in the nostalgia of the insults and swearys of bygone days? I recon our favourite old timer Tedious Tom will be able to provide a few?
  7. Correct! Not only was the question asked, but the melody was also revisited in the car on the way back up the M8! "Don't dare sing that to your mother - you'll not get back to see the panda!"
  8. Question Time is after the watershed ;-)
  9. Swearing and general insulting of opposition players and fans, or indeed the team of four random decision makers has been a staple of Scottish football since I can remember. Some fans are very successful at it; they almost turn it into an art form, and for me add to the occasion. Others unfortunately just appear to repeatedly empty their whole sweary vocabulary. Fail! I certainly remember the conversations on the way home after the games when my daughter was still of primary school age; not many were about the game! "Why was that man so angry?" "Why did the Policeman not give these boys a row?" "Why is Hugh Scott a wa**er?" etc. Having said that I'm partial to the odd outburst myself, none of it premeditated; I just become conscious that all of a sudden I'm in mid air and offering advice to someone....sorry.
  10. A great start for Kieran - big part in the goal and an energetic performance. Pleasing!
  11. 3 points, home win, clean sheet!!!

    1. insaintee


      Clean sheet? No in JJ's hoose

  12. Surprised Naismith has not had a mention? Mr consistent. Not exactly had a lot of defensive help from right mid for much of the season, but is still giving us an attacking threat.
  13. Teale's stout defence of our players and pointed questioning of decisions seems to have galvanised the team spirit. A means to an end that seems to have worked,so it looks like he has probably just taken one for the team.
  14. The Alba commentator believed it was only a yellow card.....until Thommo had walked across the line and was on his way up the tunnel! I still believe it was only a yellow offence....
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