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  1. If the nuclear weapons are held in Scotland and we thought "f**k it lets have these cunts" would the rest of the Uk have a way of stopping it? If I was of a British persuasion I'd get "they mental nuclear blow every c**t tae f**k weapons" out of their hands.
  2. Shetland narrowly lost 3-2 to Formartine United in a pre season friendly on Saturday. Former Saints player Paul Lawson played for Formartine and set up a late winner against us. Hard match for us against a team that look like they might push for Highland league glory this season.
  3. I think its smart as is the home kit and I'm sure my family will love it when they get them as birthday presents.
  4. Used to take a boys football team down to Stirling Uni for a tournament and the piping malarkey was going on from morning 'til night. Done my f**kin' nut in.
  5. Signed up along with my son who has sold this on to a couple or 3 of his mates from Mossbank Shetland. Its a bit strange to think that a few folk from up here who are committed to this but don't support St Mirren are willing to support Smisa and GLS in there attempt to buy the Buds .Hope there are many more like us.
  6. Stayed in the Ashtree numerous times and I would recommend the place. The folk that own it are very friendly and passionate about Paisley. That and it's only a few minutes stagger from the hostelries in New St.
  7. He was on radio Scotland earlier tonight with Maurice Malpas and Malpas said he used to drive him nuts going on about St Mirren all the time they were at Tannadice.
  8. Won't believe it until I see it, colour television my arse.
  9. It hit over 100mph up here so I hung out my washing and got on with it.
  10. Welcome back Tony and best wishes. My footballing hero when I was a boy so I have a soft spot I'll admit. Lots of praise from the majority and I'm sure you'll give it all so best of luck.
  11. Just seen Jaqueline McKinnon singing along with a top tune called Hot Love. I only knew "Feels like I'm in love" which I believe was written about her love affair with St Mirren in the late 70's. Was Hot Love a follow up about Tony Fitzpatrick? I think she might have had a stage name Kelly Marie?
  12. Well done to Spiers for reporting what was said to him by a Rangers director and its a disgrace that he has lost his job along with Miss Haggarty for supporting him. Rangers are bigotted to the core and it dismays me that Spiers, who don't forget is a Rangers fan has only written what he was told. I feel nothing for those whose religious beliefs make them feel untouchable but respect for Graham Spiers.
  13. I think any new manager coming in to a new team wants to get the team on his side and its his task to sort out out his "team leaders" to do so. So signing Thommo was a no brainer given his past record and adulation from the fans. Gow was the "real gamble" given his track record with St Mirren. Maybe we are both wrong and the way things are going we will both be right but f**k it ......C'mon ye Saints
  14. Seems like DOP has a grudge against Thommo even though he can't get a game. I have a grudge against Gow who will never get a game.
  15. Remember going to a Motorhead gig at the Apollo about '82/83. Brian Robertson was guitarist after "fast" Eddie Clarke had chucked it. They wouldn't play any of of the old Motorhead favourites on the back of No Sleep ti'l Hammersmith album and got a power from the crowd. It was the same day as a Rod Stewart gig at Hampden or maybe even Ipox or Porkheid and the City was awash wish Tartan clad fannies, bikers and me. I wasn't alone that day as the nutcases that I was in tow with are no longer alive due to their desire for a rock and rock lifestyle (RIP Innes, Midder and Stove") but what a f**king laugh we had that day.
  16. I remember going along to Love st as a wean with my cousin and uncle back in the early 70''s probably around 1971-72. I remember us playing in blue in a game possibly a Scotland strip but I could be havering. Anyway as I got older I would go to Love St on my own and turn up to get my spot in the North Bank about 1.30pm only to get shunted out of my spot as the hordes gathered. That f**ked me off as an 11 year old and I would sit down the front with my legs stuck through the rails as the stiffs warmed up. Still it meant I could run on the pitch for autographs. I moved into the North Bank after the **** ran riot in the 3-3 game after the Saints fans threw bottles to stop the mob getting into the Northbank, unaware I was honing my fighting skills down at the front whilst dodging bottles.
  17. Well said. I spoke to Mark in Paddies the day after the final and it was as if I was talking to a fan who had witnessed our fantastic day. The guy was lost for words at what had happened and was as humble as I was proud. A saints fan who lived a dream.
  18. Why don't you focus your anger on Gow?
  19. Alex Rae wasn't wanted or given a chance a couple of weeks ago is this a reflection of the "must win " scenario that supporters put on every manager. If so supporters need to get a grip. See what pans out before we start hunting potential out of our game. Wish Alex and David all the best for our football team.
  20. Its testing times John but glad to see your faith in the Buddies is still strong. Can't find the enthusiasm to make the trip to the hometown the way Saints are playing but hopefully things will get better.
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