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  1. Some of them travelled down. 3 of the Shetland Saints there tonight and I'll be joining them in Perth on Saturday.
  2. I bought a few cases at Christmas and I still have a couple. I'm not an expert on beer or lager as I tend to fall over whilst carrying out my research and by the next morning I can't remember what it tastes like but I'm certain that if it was any good it would have been long gone. When I walked into the brewery/gas depot to buy the stuff they told me I would need to order it online from a distributor in Glasgow .They then said they would bottle some for me as they had some spare labels lying around and off I went a happy buddie. They sell the same stuff in the pubs up here in Shetland but its labelled 60 North for the lager and Skippers Ticket for the beer. I've heard they are doing a version for Airdrie which I'm sure will turn the heads of the buckfast swilling neds from that scenic part of the world.
  3. If I thought that I'd f**k off and support Barcelona. I'm a Buddie through and through and listening to your shite gets on my tits.
  4. Is there someone holding a gun to your head making you support St Mirren. If I was you I'd chuck it.
  5. I don't know how its possible to f**k up a black and white striped football shirt but hats off to the dafty who's managed it.
  6. Tom WAITS. WAITING for a friend. Maybe I'm not very good at this.
  7. If it was possible to restructure the way we play in the SPL around Harkins we would have some player. Unfortunately we need players that run until they drop to cope with the demands of this league. Harkins is a quality player but that doesn't suit the Scottish game.
  8. I can't get my head around why anyone would support a team for a number of years and then support another team. Just don't get it . Were you bitten by a Saints dug when you were young ?
  9. Not heard that in ages, cheers windae cleaner. It was the firemans strike in 1977 that made my auld man take us to Shetland and I suppose I've had a great life up here. Thatcher was a cockess of the highest order though. Mon the firemen.
  10. St Mirren and his followers will lead a good life free from religion and paranonia. We will celebrate triumphs with unparalleled joy and take our defeats with grace.(aye right). The one thing that I will predict is that we'll still be here moaning next week.
  11. I'm still saddened but understand why we had to sell the old grun on Love St and seeing Pozbairds pictures brings it all back. When I moved away in 1978 Paisley was constantly changing. The high flats at Camphill where I lived, Causeyside St where I stayed on visits back home and the whole new moving forward of a town where I grew up. My only constant with Paisley was Love St. and it was extremely sad but inevitable that it would come to an end. Those pictures are sad but bring back happy memories, thanks Poz.
  12. That Liverpool team was as good as it got back in those days. I'll never forget Aber squeezing in the equaliser and the North Bank going mental. I'd been going to watch the Saints since about 1972 and usually sat down by the wooden railings around the boundary of the track around the pitch. By '77 I'd served my time and was standing with the big boys. I do remember the distraction of the old firm shite in the old North Bank that night but what stood loud and proud above anything was the proud tradition of the 100 years of St Mirren and our history. The real Saints fans went mental at Aber's goal. Maybe we didn't beat the best team in the world that night but it had an everlasting effect on me.
  13. Might be a few goals tomorrow and I think we'll do well with a draw. Stevie May has been rattling them in for the farmers and will be a handfull but we need to hit them on the break. 2-2 and as always, c,mon ye Saints!
  14. If you're in the know then I bow to your superior knowledge. Are you a coach, fitness trainer at the club or do you just know someone at the club?
  15. I 'm sorry buddie, I'm guessing that Adam and myself were looking at the absurd results previous. Similar result would be nice but would be happy with 5-1.
  16. Only players we have missing are Goodwin and Harkins. Unless you know otherwise? I'm pretty sure those who need to know will know.
  17. Don't know what your getting at but Adam said he was looking forward to playing against sellic and who would'nt after playing in the reserves. As a player he want's to improve himself. Sellic are the opportunity he can thrive on and if he can pop in a goal or 2 then all the better. Maybe I've picked you up wrong but I see nothing but positives in his interview.
  18. We were unlucky v Killie but we'll bounce back. 2-1 Saints with the *****(if I'm still allowed to call them that) scoring in the last 5mins after a double from Thommo. apparently not....can we say green brigade???They're a bigger shower than the *****.
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