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  1. Sad. Still a young man. I used to enjoy listening to him on the radio. So down to earth and witty. RIP
  2. Ouch.... Bet you feel a right tool now "Where was his opinion on human rights"? Not hard to find... ""Homosexuality is illegal here. Women's rights and freedom of expression are in the spotlight. Also the decision six years ago to switch the World Cup from summer to winter. "Against that backdrop there is a tournament to be played, one that will be watched and enjoyed around the world. "Stick to football, say FIFA, well we will, for a couple of minutes, at least." Ahead of the tournament the former England striker vowed to highlight the issues in the coverage of the tournament, something which he did in his opening monologue." He could have stayed away... Said nothing, and the human rights issues would have gone unchallenged. He chose to go and, despite instructions otherwise, speak out. That answer your rather ridiculous question?
  3. 36 Tory MPs and Lords have decided Lineker’s suspension isn’t good enough. They’ve written to Tim Davie demanding a full apology “without reservation” from Mr Lineker. They also want an independent investigation. The same Tim Davie that Sunak worked under at Goldman Sachs?
  4. Linaker shared personal thoughts, which I and the vast majority of people with a modicum of conscience and compassion agree with. The BBC are doffing the bunnet to their paymasters. Unnecessary. The unity and solidarity of the other presenters tells a story. Solidarity.
  5. Condolences to family and friends. Respect to the man. He sacrificed so much for his love of football. 😥
  6. 100% this. I always support a managers right to manage... but cannot help but wonder if these two decisions could come at a cost.
  7. Joe is frozen out. Persona non grata. Wanted off the wage bill. I honestly cannot think of any other explanation.
  8. Yup... My mechanic actually warned me against buying French or Italian. That said, one of my first ever cars was a rust and yellow coloured Fiat 127. Bodywork was shocking but the engine never once let me down. I drove to Torquay and back in it. The sporty spots on the front obviously helped. 🤐😂😂😂
  9. My mechanic gave me one piece of advice when car shopping... Never buy French. This was based purely on his volume of work. You might want to keep this link handy! https://www.whocanfixmycar.com/advice/peugeot-3008-common-problems Happy motoring.
  10. He was saying Scotland COULD be successful as an independent country. 😂
  11. The "physical assessment" is a joke. We were quoted a 4 figure sum for my wife's wee 13 year old runaround Ford Fester. (sic) It was actually in good nick and had not long since had a lot of work done to it. It also had new tyres and a new exhaust. A lovely wee runaround car for someone. We went into the office... They confirmed the 4 figure valuation. We went outside to "inspect" the vehicle. Cross in box after cross in box. Back in the office the nice man entered all his findings into the computer... and offered us £125! I kid you not. I told him it was worth more in scrappage! I haggled him up, but it was hard work. These are experienced "dealers". Still a shit settlement but I just wanted rid of the car as I was upgrading and my old car was worth twice the settlement fee. It still is going strong for my better half. WeStealAnyCar serve a purpose, but they serve themselves first and foremost and any initial quote should be laughed at.
  12. One of my first heroes, Billy The Fish was a Saints stalwart. His handsome athletic frame and agility made him the legend he is. His caps whilst playing for Saints testimony to his skill. Gone far too young. RIP Billy. Thanks for the memories. Condolences to his family and friends.
  13. Awesome. Well done. 👏👏👏
  14. Gig 4 of the week.. a tremendous 90 minute set from Beerjacket on Coatbridge. ♥️😎
  15. Thrilled for the lad. Despite being a fan and a player, the abuse he took from our "support" was unwarranted. Nothing new... Personally I can trace that back to Billy Stark. I'm sure others can go back further. I wish him well and am delighted to see him being appreciated and supported.
  16. Thursday night was my third gig of the week. Another cracker. It was the Celtic Connections album launch of Consequences, the 12 track collaborative album by Edinburgh singer songwriter Kim Edgar and various guest artists. The 12 tracks were released one a month throughout 2022, having been written during lockdown. It involved artists from Scotland, Wales, Finland, Miscou Island in Canada, Ontario Canada and Taiwan! The format was simple but meaningful. The album would be played in entirety, in order, with each collaborator first performing one of their own tracks to show why Kim wanted to work with them in the first place. I love Horse, Boo Hewerdine, James Grant and Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow, and was so thrilled that they were taking part. They were all class acts. I loved discovering some new artists that I now want to hear more of. Welsh singer Dan Bettridge was a class act and great discovery. The album and therefore running order was as follows... 1. ANY WISHING STAR (written by Ron Sexsmith & Kim Edgar) 2. SAVE MYSELF (RUN AWAY) (written by Horse McDonald & Kim Edgar ) 3. THE EDGE OF SHAME (written by Boo Hewerdine & Kim Edgar) 4. THE ROLLING SEA (written by Dan Bettridge & Kim Edgar) 5. FIFTY TO ONE (written by Goodnight Louisa & Kim Edgar) 6. IT ONLY TAKES A SILENCE (written by J-P Piirainen & Kim Edgar) 7. VENT FOU (written by Sandra Le Couteur & Kim Edgar) 8. CORNERSTONE (written by James Grant & Kim Edgar) 9. I DREAM (written by Stone & Kim Edgar) 10. RIPPLES (written by Rachel Sermanni & Kim Edgar) 11. WHISPER PINK (written by Louis Abbott & Kim Edgar) 12. IN THE LONG RUN (written by William Crighton & Kim Edgar) The fantastic backing band also deserves a special mention. A very memorable night indeed. The album is highly recommended. Check out www.kimedgar.com An ambitious project by Kim Edgar that has resulted in something very special.
  17. Tuesday night was Beth Nielsen Chapman at the Old Fruitmarket. Sublime. Very powerful and emotional. I bought the tickets 3 years ago. Cancelled twice. Her first husband died in 94. She remarried, but tragically, her second husband died in December. Both of cancer, which she herself has had. She was going to cancel the tour but her husband's last wish was that if she was able, the tour should go ahead. She smashed it. Great performance.
  18. Broken your promise already oh needy one. 😂😂😂😂 I didn't mention you. I didn't reference you. You quoted me. You are aDICKted! Shame on you.
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