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  1. Last year it was John Rowbotham and Tam Cowan. Both hilarious. Raised 9k for the two characters. That sum was surprised tonight with main speaker Alan Tait, former European Tour golfer. He followed the guy in this photo. Any guesses who he is?
  2. Wow. Same artist 2 nights running and not only very different shows, but very different experiences. Friday night was Mancunian singer Little Sparrow in Coatbridge for her first ever gig in Scotland. She smashed it and captivated the crowd. I've been a fan for around 8 years but had only seen her live twice... In Manchester 2018, and in Cockermouth earlier this year. I've been nagging her to play in Scotland for years. Never one to miss an opportunity, I asked if she would consider a house gig whilst here. Hence gig 2... A house gig in East Kilbride for 25 very fortunate souls who were totally blown away!
  3. I love them too. But last night they really failed to impress me. Mind you... I was 10 minutes away in the Argyle and Cellar bar watching the wonderful Irish singer Brigid O'Neill. 😎😂😜 I did hear from a friend who was there that Deacon Blue were in top form though. 👏👏👏
  4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Truth be told, I didn't enjoy a single track Deacon Blue played last night in the Usher Hall. Not one! 😯🤐
  5. Last week, I saw Edinburgh singer Adam Holmes in Websters. On Wednesday there, it was Liverpudlian Robert Vincent in Websters supported by Roseanne Reid. Two absolutely fantastic gigs. Last night, however, was the cream of the crop... Matt McGinn in Coatbridge. No... Not the Jeely Piece Song singer... He's pan breid. Irish Matt McGinn is a superb artist. Great songs, craic, guitar playing and entertainment.
  6. So sad. 💔 RIP Cathy. Condolences to Sir Alex and their family.
  7. "Mark site read" has become a default for me.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Shull.. I'll be sure to tune in.
  9. Total legend. Loved watching him. His book McDougoals is a must read for fans. Thanks for the memories Frank. 💔
  10. As a teenager watching Saints, I always thought of Hearts as a yo-yo club... nowhere near as good or consistent as us. From 1978 till 1991, Saints spent 14 seasons in the Premier League. At that time we were the ONLY club not in the original top 10 premier league to be promoted to it and not subsequently relegated. During that same period, Hearts spent 4 seasons in the first division following 3 separate relegations! I will never think of them other than a potentially big club that often flirts with relegation and sometimes achieves it. They also regularly bottle it against us when it really matters!😎
  11. Which is choosing to not ignore! Daft twat You just cannot ignore me. I really wish you would.
  12. Again... IGNORE ME! You said you had. You lied. Go on... ignore me!
  13. Latest guidelines for Health and Social Care workers are that anyone testing positive should self isolate for 5 days, the day following the test being day 1. They are furthermore advised to avoid direct contact with vulnerable people for a further 5 days as the virus can remain communicable for up to 10 days and can still have serious consequences for vulnerable people.
  14. On the subject of Paisley nosh... pop into the Paisley Pie Co before 12 noon tomorrow and you can get a free Morton's roll and square sausage or a croissant. 1 free item per person. 26 Bridge Street.
  15. You love a wind up. I know that. I do too. This went way beyond a wind up. Disappointed that you feel the need to cross the line and essentially stick up for the nasty narcissistic nobody. 😥
  16. The floor is yours Muppet... unless you are already running to teacher to have me banned? A 65 year old preteen crying out for attention. Needs his playground! 😂😂😂😂😂
  17. Truly heartbreaking. Thoughts are with them all. 😥💔
  18. Screenshots from a conversation with a friend of mine you sent a friend request to stalker boy. NOW... put me on ignore, you needy narcissistic nobody!
  19. Ok... I will bite. I will post. But you will go crying to teacher again. Just remember... you asked!
  20. Trailers left no secrets. Not going to be easy viewing for his fans. 🤐
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