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  1. Dropkick and Starry Skies in the Glad Cafe Friday night. Beyond sublime. Two fantastic artists.
  2. Y.O. is that of a one shared braincell dunderhead!
  3. Highlights your knowledge of all things beautifully. 😎
  4. Getting under your skin bully boy? Good! 😎
  5. A "wish I was there" gig. Love these ladies lots.
  6. Jake Morley Saw him live last month. Constant earworms since! New album out soon.
  7. Sorry boss. Intrusion in your playground. I should have known better Bully boy. All the moreso now that you are the besterest friend of Baz!
  8. Selective in your response as ever. Avoided the ones that actually matter rather than the ones that give you a platform to be a victim. 😂
  9. Chat about nothing to do with the game DURING the game then nothing since? Celebrating your draw with Livi?
  10. The Arabs have been on a great run. This was a huge game. Brilliant result.
  11. Fantastic result. Showed resilience and desire. ♥️♥️😎
  12. Deflection. Shoitebag. You hereby revoke all right to any say on the future of Saints. You don't want to. Obviously it doesn't interest you.
  13. Not sure if you know...but St Mirren, The team I support ,are playing just now. I don't want to hear from you at the best of times. you have nothing interesting to say.
  14. Oh... Forgot... Giving Rangers and Celtic two stands doesn't affect you at all. Like a home game for you! If so confident, go along and enjoy being smug. If anything is awry, you can influence the outcome. Your pitiful deflection and abdication of responsibility is no surprise!
  15. You don't want to care about the future of Saints. Some "supporter". Still.. as long as Ranger and Celtic fans get seats, you will gladly give yours up! 😂
  16. A very natural part of progress. So some say. What's not to believe you worry merchant you. 😜
  17. No more desperate than a post stalker only trying to belittle others or tell the weather that people obviously cannot see through the window. 😂😂😂
  18. Obviously you are full of subterfuge as things are all good on the pitch! How do you explain that, you stirrer upper? 😯
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