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  1. You can wait, you nasty narcissistic nobody. Still ignoring me, not, oh needy one. NOW we have irony. Go sort out your stiffy. Again, please put me on ignore. You need my response more than I desire your master baiting. Going to watch the highlights now like Saints supporters should be doing.
  2. Great result today. Saints go second in the league, still undefeated. Still... better to criticise and belittle other posters. Makes one feel important, I guess. 😥
  3. The sign of a really good team is taking three points from a game like that. One more win against Well and we get to keep them. 😂😎
  4. Enjoyed that. A good laugh. Lots of potential with the new character too.
  5. Very true. Albanian Saint is spot on. When we did Love Street, the Final Chapter, one of our team wrote to SAF requesting an interview. He explained that although it was an official club publication, it was being done BY fans and FOR fans. Sir Alex was very gracious and granted an interview. Following the publication, he was sent a copy. On top of that, I sent him the full unedited transcript of my interview with Tony Fitzpatrick, in which Fitzy said so many positive things about Fergie and how ahead of his time he was. To my astonishment I received a two page personal reply from the great man himself. Midweek, between two important European fixtures. On Manchester United headed paper. He didn't just reply, he carried on the conversation, talking about Fitzy, his own time at the club, and even his family. Of course he (probably) holds a grudge against the club. I believe the club was in the right at the time. BUT... he IS a legend to most fans my age. He IS the reason for our affliction! He IS still revered by most. We have the chance to extend the olive branch and be the bigger metaphorical person. I think, based on events to date, he would accept that olive branch.
  6. He's just trying to be clever by showing he still doesn't know how to use the ignore facility and is a liar.
  7. Bitter. Credit where it is due. Well created. Well finished.
  8. Maybe this spat will incite Div to ban us both for a full calendar month? I'd happily take that hit for the greater good. 😎
  9. Wrong again. Laughing at your neediness bully boy. Go seek hauners again. So funny. You simply cannot ignore me. Liar. Muppet. Bully. I should go now... I realise this is simply feeding your narcissistic ego. 😂😂😂
  10. More inaccuracies. It certainly wasn't. Standard for you. Lies or laughable! 😂 Can you ignore me like you lied you had done? Too needy! 😂😂😂 Muppet.
  11. Simple solution bully boy. Put me on ignore like you said you had done when you blatantly lied. Alternatively, go crying to teacher and have me banned for sanding up to your incessant bullying! Muppet. 😂😂😂 One armed waiters... They can dish it out but they can't take it! 😂
  12. I'm still not on ignore then? As you previously stated. I suppose when you can go crying to others for hauners to have me banned, your need to stalk me outweighs your lack of scruples. Muppet. 😂😂😂😂
  13. You called someone else out for bad spelling... using bad spelling. 😂😂😂 I suppose deflection is needed to try and save face. Both of them! You said you had me on ignore. That was obviously a lie. Found out. Muppet. You may think it is your playground bully boy... but only one of us has gone running to teacher to have the other banned. Coward. Bullies don't like being stood up to. You are the ultimate proof. Muppet
  14. You're not tho. You lied. I quoted nobody. You can't ignore me bully boy! Can you? 😂😂😂 Bullies need targets. 😎
  15. You said I was on ignore. Liar! Muppet.
  16. Hikarious (sic) indeed. 😂😂😂
  17. Sorry to hear that Richard. Hope you and your daughter feel better soon. 😥
  18. The wonderful Jill Jackson supported brilliantly by Amy Papiransky at St Luke's on Friday night. It was a celebration of an old album Back To Zero, with funds being raised for the British Heart Foundation. I've lost count of the number of times I have seen the Paisley singer perform, but this was as good as I've ever seen her. I have had Amy's music for a couple of years too, but this was my first chance to see her live. A great set and the perfect support. Look out for her.
  19. Go tell teacher and get me banned again, Muppet. 😂
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