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  1. Telt ye’zo Right noo....had a very very good friend of mine and Clyde One pundit Hugh Keevinzo on the blower. I have on very good authority that our best signing of the window will be announced possibly tomorrow lunchtime. Failing that Tuesday morning. I have the name but swore to secrecy. They’re bubbling away.....
  2. Another to come possibly over the weekend if not Monday. Ramanzo my STV pal texted me with the name but not posting on here
  3. Chic Youngzo just texted me......announcement will be made tomorrow and it’s a belter!
  4. There will be some very happy Buddies tomorrow
  5. Expect an announcement later tonight or tomorrow morning. Just had a text from my molezo
  6. Had Chic Youngzo message me...signing be announced tomorrow. Got the name but told not to let it out. Another 2 bubbling away
  7. Close to announcing our first signing today....another 3 deals bubbling away
  8. We’ve brought in a squad of Scott’s mates right enough
  9. Yes....I have been given two names one hopefully signing Friday the other by Tuesday
  10. Just off phone to my very very good friend Ramanzo you may know him from STV? Things are bubbling away with a number of deals. Expect a name to appear Friday. I know who it is but I’m sworn to secrecy an aw that.
  11. What happens if there's no transfer fee and he leaves on a free? I guess the 30% doesn't roll over ?
  12. Great idea and something we should do but as a club, make the match day experience from 12pm with live music,etc,etc.... I didn't go to this event as it's was all about Paisley 2021 and f**k that
  13. Don't know tune but Celtic fans sing it with Stephen Cairney
  14. Get a few of your lads to go to another stand and do the song...... Saint Mirren x2 Come on ye Paisley Saints x2 Paisley's Black n White x2 Wooo etc
  15. Tra la la la la la la la Lewis Morgan tra la la la la la la la la Lewis Morgan.....
  16. Brilliant victory great game and good to see the new lad starting, I feel a good season ahead COYS
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