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  1. 5 homes in Europa League tonight Malmo, Feyenoord, Copenhagen, PSV, Espanyol
  2. oscar


    POLLOK.......Central League Cup Winners
  3. oscar


    Saltcoats Vic. 0 - 11 Pollok YES ELEVEN Read it and weep!!!!
  4. Ha haaa!! I know where you stay!!
  5. Boy was that good.... raised the roof!!! And a new album out in the autumn... good news!! (or should that be CD..... or maybe even "download".... who cares. New music coming from Hipsway - happy days )
  6. HEY..... you've hacked my account ya swine. that's my password!!
  7. And after all that beer throwing, off to see Hipsway in the Toon Hall this weekend. Saw them in Ayr back in the 80's and seen them twice at ABC in Glasgow over the past year and they are fab. Graeme Skinner has a great voice and cant wait to hear if they will play any new songs as well as the old stuff.
  8. Great post mate and just about sums it up.
  9. oscar


    How'd 'Lie manage to get into 2nd round?? Did you get a bye in the 1st???
  10. been in a few times. foods excellent. enjoy
  11. oscar


    Girvan 0 Pollok 5 Glenafton 3 Arthurlie 2
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