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  1. I'm afraid there has to be a level of gatekeeping, otherwise the SMISA board would be inundated with requests that aren't included within their charitable aims on the off chance it might just get funded. For example, if I knew that every request went to the membership vote, what's to stop me putting in a request for the Dumbarton_Bud Really Needy Fund? A lot of charitable trusts/foundations work in this way - partly to fulfil their charitable aims; and partly as there isn't an infinite amount of money to donate. The Trust administrator/secretary will remove applications that aren't relevant before handing the rest to the Trustees for discussion. If you get funding - awesome! If you don't, usually there isn't any appeals process, regardless how good your project is or the benefits it may provide. Generally speaking, you need to wait a year before reapplying - believe me, its a pain in the hole. The same goes for the Tesco/Asda charity token schemes. Hundreds of good causes will apply, but (usually) only three will be selected for funding in a particular region. Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly happy at being asked to buy a drone for the club - with our proximity to the airport, the thing would likely get shot down if ever used during a game - but if no other projects (community or otherwise) were deemed suitable for consideration then there's not much we can do.
  2. I'm probably not alone in this, but I'd like to see us utilise the digital billboards on the main roads into Paisley to advertise our games, in particular the one up by Reid Kerr. I'm sick and tired of seeing ads for Sky Sports on those billboards that have images of Tavernier and Brown of the OF or a still from the EPL, and not one of a St Mirren player or a still from one of our games. I'd imagine the cost of this is somewhat prohibitive but if the council can afford to advertise cultural events on these billboards then I don't see why we can't take a look (if we haven't done so already).
  3. Yes. He got some amount of abuse all game. And rightly so.
  4. I don't get the joke? Not a joke. If I remember Caifters article right, it would be his 150th birthday towards the end of the season
  5. Would prefer that to be the main stand, personally. 150th birthday (I think) coming up at the end of the season too.
  6. So what was going on in W7 today then? Watched a load of orange vested stewards enter the section and a large chunk of people leave for a fair bit of the first half. Most were back in their seats for the second half.
  7. They're getting wise... https://youtu.be/Mcxh_tWReVo
  8. Wonder if raiding our nearest neighbours for Lewis Strapp would sort our LB problems, and Alan Forrest (James Forrest's brother) from Ayr would give us a winger for the right?
  9. Nah, just means he's switched to the Guinness.
  10. Is that the same sort of resolve and resilience that Theresa May was on about when she referenced strong and stable leadership? ie. none?
  11. It's not up to Oan. It's up to Jim, Gus and/or Tony.
  12. Alan, it's over. It's been over for a while. You were found out and you were sacked. Let it go.
  13. Not fussed about him departing, just as I wasn't that fussed with his arrival. My missus, however, will be disappointed. Apparently Heaton and his missus frequented the cafe she works in fairly often and tipped quite handsomely. There goes a wee portion of her income...
  14. No, I get that. Was just under the impression it would be slightly less fixed than the stadium
  15. Fair enough. Not going to lie, my main experience is reading Trust and Foundation accounts where reserves are a bit different, usually as there's no fixed assets.
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