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  1. 20) GLS set dogshite on fire and posted it through Oran's letterbox Is that his house in NI that he commutes from or the one he bought in Bridge of Weir?
  2. Didn't realise we were relocating to Russia; or is it a name change? Edit. Also, welcome Greg Tansey!!
  3. Oh look, Shull disagrees with something. Again.
  4. Any chance of playing Dumbarton again? That way Stubbs can do the traditional thing and resign afterwards (see Murray and Rae). Cannot believe we won the Championship 3-months ago. Could see the new players weren't up to it against Spartans and Queens Park. Will happily eat my words if Stubbs comes through but I don't see it happening
  5. He hasn't yet. Needs to be sacked after a game at Dumbarton to fully qualify.
  6. With a zero percent win ratio. Somehow I don't think we'll be able to draw our way to Premiership safety.
  7. Definitely this. My other half is good friends with his other half so was aware this was a thing for a wee while, but didn't ask figures.
  8. Have heard that there are already plans in place for a local company to take on the stadium name sponsorship post-Paisley 2021.
  9. Forgive my ignorance but where are you getting that Thistle give 6000 tickets to OF fans? Firhill only holds about 10k. Or Accies give 3000 in a 5k stadium Numbers seem a bit off to me...
  10. Wee suggestion for tomorrow's game. Goes to the tune of the Proclaimers "Letter from America": Dumbarton no more, Greenock no more, Falkirk no more, Brechin no more. Dunfermline no more, Inverness no more, Dumfries no more, Livingston no more Repeat ad nauseum.
  11. Sat nav took us past Silverburn and on to the M74 that way. Currently in Stirling services. Good few Saints fans kicking about
  12. I travel to Perth once a week and try to get through Glasgow before 5 so I'm not sitting on the M8 for ages. Usually get to Perth for about 6. I'm aiming to leave Johnstone around half-4 in the hopes of getting to the M80 for about 5. Failing that it's down the M74 and along the M73. Probably have a pitstop at Stirling or Broxden services. Have room for 3 in the car if anyone's happy to contribute to the fuel tank.
  13. That's not what I said, and I have edited that I misread your quote so I apologise for the confusion in that sense. However, whether Saints fans deserve the credit is neither here nor there. The question needs to be put in its own right over accessing the restricted funds. Yes/No question. If yes, then what to do with the funds can be asked of the membership. If no, then carry on as you were.
  14. It's a members organisation so yes, this is exactly how this should have gone. This is restricted funds, not unrestricted. If I was working at an organisation that took charitable donations, and a donor specified a donation for a particular use; these funds are restricted to that exact use. If I wanted to use those funds for something else, I would need to check with said donor and get their permission before planning the other project. There is a due process that needs to be followed and it appears SMISA are skipping a step in that process. Misread the original quote, but my point stands.... Asking to be asked etc
  15. This. Why can't SMISA pay forward the 50k in return for the equivalent number of shares early? Are we tied into using the funds to buy out GS in a lump sum? I can't say I'm a big fan of balloting the members to change what was an fairly important condition (at least, to me) during the sign-up process. Also, whoever agreed that sponsorship package should be shot - 50k to rename Ralston for two seasons, sponsor one of the youth teams, a youth team shirt and a tour of the training ground?!? We renamed our stadium - something that gets a ton more exposure than our training facility - for approx £60k. Someone needs to get their head out their arse.
  16. ...except for his sweeper impressions. Gave me palpitations each time he tried it. God, Manuel Neuer has a lot to answer for...
  17. It is indeed. Bought a large for myself and it felt almost skin-tight. I let my brother try it on - he's built like a rake and it fit perfectly... Went back and swapped it for a 2XL which is slightly baggy on me. Currently wearing it and it's nice and comfy!!
  18. Don't know, it's all Greek to me...
  19. Forgive me if I've missed something, but why did the keeper have a Norway flag instead of the Saints badge on his jersey?
  20. ...meanwhile in other news, JD Sport are selling their Saints gear a good £10 cheaper in Braehead than the Paisley Centre store. Not criticising or adding to the discussion at hand, just a helpful tip to those still Christmas shopping
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