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  1. Okay, didn't see this coming!! One night about a month ago I hitched a taxi from Dublin city centre back to my flat. The inevitable conversation with the cab driver regarding my nationality ensued, and was told by the cab driver that he had just returned from a town called Paisley, where he had been trying to arrange a deal with the local club about signing a young, Irish midfielder he represented. He also told me that we had a Greek striker on trial, and that Danny would be mad not to sign him. (These were his exact words) He also told me that Stuart McCall was a stick on for the Sheffield Utd job, and should stick a fiver on it.... He was very complimentary about Saints and our management team and wished them all well. Suprised this transfer happened - I actually thought I dreamed the entire conversation, I was kinda pished at the time.... Anyway - welcome Kealan!!
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! COME ON YE SAINTS!!!!
  4. Paddy's Day. F*cking Paddy's Day!!! Got the Annual Leave already booked because some mates are coming over to Dublin for a long weekend and I haven't a hope of getting the game in any of the pubs because of the annual Irish celebration of getting pished!! Fuxache...
  5. Back in Dublin and the relative safety to wear my Saints shirt in public. Still. Buzzing. My throat is absolutely goosed. What a game - it still hasn't sunk in what I witnessed yesterday. And I took the Sellick supporting brother - by the end of it he was cursing the Sellick players as much as the rest of us. Think we may have a convert on our hands (he even asked how much a half-season ticket would cost!!) Got an essay due at 5, but I just can't concentrate!! Fugg it - I'll hand it in tomorrow. PS can someone do an avi/mp4 file of the game and make it available? I've got the 4-0 one and would like to add yesterday's to the collection. PPS if anyone in Ireland has the misfortune of watching the Frontline on RTE tonight - keep an eye out for our away top in the audience, that'll be me!!
  6. Very, as far as I'm aware. I know the likes of eBay and Amazon use it regularly for processing customer payments.
  7. I spoke to 10000hours about this. Email them what you want to give per month and if the deal goes through they'll set up a Paypal payment plan for you.
  8. Finally managed to get an answer from 10000hours about how to contribute from abroad. That's me signed up!! Anyone got any idea how close they are from the target??
  9. I'm sorry, there's no way a building that nice would survive in Govan.
  10. Sorry bud, St Mirin didn't found Paisley Abbey, Walter FitzAlan did in 1163. St Mirin may have started a religious community near the site, but the Abbey itself came along much later.
  11. Completely agree!!! Don't want the CIC or the club becoming someone's political tool in the future.....
  12. 250miles to Crappielow for the Renfrewshire Cup Final for me please. Will hopefully add another 232miles for the Hibs game nxt weekend.
  13. Ma flat mate has a major thing for them atm...! At the risk of bringing the reputation of this thread into disrepute, I'm currently listening to the Planets Suite.
  14. Ummm.... Symphony No.3 by Camille Saint-Saens - aka the Organ Symphony
  15. I'm gonna be in Aberdeen this weekend, but can't get to the game.... Does that count?? Ddnt think so... As an aside (and a shameless plug), if there are any Buds hanging around Aberdeen on Saturday evening, and feel like some culture, the National Youth Choir of Scotland are performing in St Machar's Cathedral at 7.30pm. Tickets are cheap, and we've some great music to perform!!
  16. Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 - Presto AKA Ode to Joy...
  17. :blink: :blink: screw cancelling leave!!!! can use the time 2 see ma family more
  18. booked the annual leave for the [email protected] game at work today!!! : roll on payday so I can book the flights and buy the t-shirt
  19. goin to try an get across for the **** game maself just need to get time off
  20. These days I actually live in Navan, Co. Meath in Ireland (approx 20miles from Dublin) which is a mere 213 miles to Love St/Greenhill Rd, but I'm not up for arguing the more the merrier lol ETA: How do I change my user name to Navan_Bud or Dublin_Bud to avoid confusion???
  21. Yass!!! I got Dorman's shirt lol Not sure when I'll be back Paisley way either.... Hopefully sometime before Easter
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