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  1. Seems most are critical of formation tonight and I can’t disagree.... the thing which makes it worse for me is Goodwin went with exactly the same tactic in Sept when we played them at home and it finished 0 0 against 10 men for almost half the match... tactic didn’t work then and certainly was not effective tonight... no lesson learned and an opportunity lost against a very poor team ( which we nearly lost to). Fabulous free kick to get the point so at least a positive and believe the standard of teams in the league will provide plenty opportunities to get points, we just can’t afford to drop them with a whimper. Also agree that ref was poor, more so in the second half and agree this was not the reason for the result tonight, only ourselves to blame unfortunately. On to Saturday COYS
  2. TPAFKATS , I didn’t say the club hadn’t spoken with him or agent so you seem to be reading into words I have not posted for some reason. We both however look like we agree on wishing he would stay, albeit how we arrived at this point is the difference. Anyway, a point won today and we move on to what will be another challenging season. Have a good night.
  3. In sequence 1. Yes- his contractual position hasn’t been dealt with... hence current situation 2. I didn’t say legal team are too busy to offer new deals, but sure you can look again at wording 3. Almost certainly not on direct wages, but if we go back to point one and had him signed before now, with sign on or better terms it would not be an issue as not aware Hibs were interested 6 months + ago.... if they were pre PCA then a difficult ask to hold onto if the approach was before legal allowance
  4. Hendo, in isolation I can’t disagree with your general points..... my frustration is his contractual position should have been dealt with long ago, unfortunately the legal team have dealt more in pay offs than sign on fees. Therefore perhaps could have a better chance to financially compete if we were not so wasteful with finance. I agree that in general terms actually no one is irreplaceable but can anyone quickly name a player who has performed well in so many different positions, I had to go back several decades to think of one. Re Flynn agree, and my comments is no reflection on his performances, since Aberdeen away last year he has been fantastic for us, but I think like you, I would like to see him back in the middle of the park every week.
  5. Dreadful management if true. Would be really disappointed if this happens...... we have paid fortunes to release players from contracts, we should be able to retain Paul, or does he or management no longer want him to be there?
  6. Anton Ferdinand training with us according to reports.
  7. I went along to ticket office this morning and was told tickets would not be in until Monday and they would be open late on Thursday of next week if I couldn't get during the week. So well done getting tickets delivered!... I have either been badly informed or original batch has been sold out?
  8. Was part of the near 600 saints supporters at Aberdeen yesterday and in over 42 years of going and watching st.mirren I don't think I have ever witnessed the length of constant singing from the saints fans, which was outstanding........ A credit to the club, how to truly support your team, and kept a smile on my face. We have 14 games left in the championship, it will not be a formality and likely there will be some bumps along the way and yes there will be more individual errors..... Getting on players backs seems to be a joyful pass time of some on here, really don't get it, would prefer that the energy was focussed on getting right behind the team.... Probably a wish to far .... For the remainder of the season and giving the team and staff the best possible support, which I believe they truly deserve. (Too many with short memories on here) When I left the stadium to the bus, was I disappointed at the result... Yes, but not completely surprised....... But overwhelming feeling was proud to be a St.Mirren fan, part of that support and continue to look forward positively to every game.... Looking out of the bus seeing saints fans with a smile on their face and a spring in their step as they headed into Aberdeen for rehydration!, I believe most were of a similar opinion...... Only 5 more sleeps to the next challenge ..... COYS, get the vocal chords ready for Dunfermline
  9. My take would be that the players truly believed they were title contenders right at the start of the season and its that mindset which has been integral to where we are right now. good to see post that we have sold out allocation, as expected, and looking forward to being there on Saturday. the momentum has continued from the great escape and its been a fabulous time to be supporting the Saints and looking forward to every game..... Hope our support continues to grow through 2018! What a difference in only a year.
  10. Whilst I think I know what you really mean, it did bring a smile as McGinn, Davis, Reilly, Smith & Smith were all players that their previous managers didn't fancy regularly for 90 minutes..... but in calibre worked for what we need, therefore can't exclude on that basis alone. Not an exact science but hope that the 1 to 3 players Jack is looking at turnout to provide the additional strength to take us over the line..... also journeymen in squad and youth for future is part of most managerial selections. during the summer.... January window is different and as Jack has stated the overall level of performance from so many will make it difficult to get players better then those on the park.... clearly not the same problem 12 months ago... and a nicer problem to have. Early season I was convinced Morgan would have been away in January so delighted he is out first key signing for the 2nd half of the season.
  11. Just loving being a Saints fan! Fabulous all round performance tonight...... To hit that level after such a tough game and conditions on Saturday is just another reminder of how far we have come in the last year or so. Unlike some others, I thought we played well in the first half, and no surprise that the character of the team stuck to the task and finished the job in the second half.......... I see that this thread has provided so many different views about who was Man of the Match, as clearly a strong case for so many this evening which is fantastic. Not a fan of Livi and how they play, like others on this thread, but they have been getting results and pressed us constantly through the game... They have only lost 3 games in the league and 2 of them have been to us which does indicate how difficult the task is given how they set up....... Long may we continue on that front against this lot, as I absolutely love beating them, particularly following the exchange between dugouts! Looking forward to Saturday, and every game that follows just now, strap yourself in for another incredible journey.... This year at the right end of the table. COYS
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