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  1. supersaint12

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Board please react now and get Stubsy tae f**k now dressing room lost no way back all that was good last season being washed away
  2. supersaint12

    Hearts away. 01/09

    As bad as it gets and only half time cut wide open can the board no see it everyone else can Stubsy what’s the score
  3. supersaint12

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Great [emoji106] support down to team now
  4. supersaint12

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Sammy and McGinn hope keep team together
  5. supersaint12

    Hearts away. 01/09

  6. supersaint12

    Hearts away. 01/09

  7. supersaint12

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    As it a week night plan just have one glass when get down the road frae Dundee ...COYS and perhaps a glass of beer [emoji481] too
  8. supersaint12

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    https://stv.tv/sport/football/1412078-flood-there-s-no-gulf-between-united-and-st-mirren Taken from b & w twitter but got to say willie flood AKA Gollum really needs to go chasing his ring what an arse. Bring it on Saints
  9. supersaint12

    Travelling To Dundee.

    5 in motor now fully booked to see champions loose their elect bit at end where better than at tannadice remind them and media who is the force in championship COYS
  10. supersaint12

    Travelling To Dundee.

    Got space in car for two edinburgh based buddies tomorrow night be leaving Loanhead back of 5 to get thru bridge traffic.
  11. supersaint12

    Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)

    Very good defo buddies be scoring on Saturday in Inverness
  12. supersaint12

    Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)

    Convinced her indoors be a nice run to Inverness on Saturday and stay over cost me a stop over but worth it to see Saints .. Carlsberg moment except she wants to come too [emoji44] COYS
  13. Odds of 13/40 now £31.70 for tenner back
  14. Now in right thread. Both bet 365 and Willie hill have our game KO at 3pm In a perfect world all buddies could be a millionaire if stayed that way betting on final score afore 3 ! Limited betting opportunities at moment with restricted betting on bookies options a bet on bet 365 over 2.5 goals of £37.74 will return ure £10 ticket price Banker bet surely ! Hope we can sell out allocation COYS
  15. supersaint12

    St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Oops posted on wrong thread [emoji56]