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  1. Great day today, we won whilst not at our best and went top of the league....shows how far we've come. I had a bunch of German exchange students at the game today who absolutely loved the whole vibe and overall atmosphere, we should savour this.. We can't play brilliantly every week and sometimes we have to win ugly, it's still 3 points at the end of the day.
  2. Yeah I thought it was McGinn as well, Sky stats gave it to McShane.....they're probably wrong [emoji1]
  3. Looked at the stats today and was surprised to see McShane got the assist for the first goal, thought it was McGinn that passed it and shows what I know, nowt...well done McShane and thought he played really well today...as did McGinn.... They didn't seem to give an assist for the 2nd goal, maybe because Morgan just did it all himself [emoji3][emoji3]
  4. They did indeed, it didn't come to anything and in fact eventually he ran the ball into the keepers hands but there was a run down the right at 2-0 where they looked as if they had no idea what to do and just kept backing off till they were almost in their 6 yard box....
  5. Fingers crossed.....being optimistic here I'm thinking he will stay, might mean he walks for not a lot at the end of the season then so be it...I don't need to balance the books mind you so easy for me to say [emoji4]
  6. Good news, with the current managerial teams coaching he can become a really solid CB! Did really well when he stepped in for Davis and seemed to grow in confidence as well...
  7. Indeed, thought he was excellent on Saturday! He's young and will make mistakes but hopefully will learn from them, worth a new deal for me......He does need experience beside him and hopefully Gary Mck decides to stay and we can replace Webster with a decent CB to give us competition in there.
  8. Thought he did really well when he came on today, tough against a good hibs side but for me he did ok... definitely have him in our squad next season if possible!
  9. I thought Stevie was superb today, as others have said we should appreciate the talent whilst we are allowed too, what an unbelievable goal that was, only he could score that!
  10. It was utterly fantastic, a number of fans round me and my son put our hands to our faces in awe...did that just happen! Pretty sure Rory Loy did something similar! Very talented boy and hope he goes onto further his career, really he stepped up today and I thought MOM by a stretch!
  11. Again agreed, thought he did ok, worked hard, pushed us on...First half missed chances cost us... Flood was annoying but the best player on the pitch in the end and won them the game in the 2nd half, he'd get a game for anyone in that league imo
  12. Must admit I didn't think we were that bad today, maybe I'm easily pleased nowadays but thought we did ok, seen far worse.... Obviously we still lost so not quite good enough but we had 3 glaring chances in the first half and when you don't take those good chance it will come back to bite you, as it did...We looked a little tired midway through the 2nd half when they scored and that was the game for me as despite some pressure we couldn't get a break. Can't think of anyone who played really poorly and thought a good few had decent games....Morgan was a little frustrating in that I thought he did well till his final ball or strike at goal but he's a young lad and will learn and improve. Onwards and upwards and next Saturday is vital, feel we must win and no matter what we have to back the team...
  13. That is of course is true, but it's the timing and value of it that seem strange - if it's all accurate. If he's worth £200k now can't see that changing dramatically come the summer regardless of where we end up
  14. Must admit disappointed if we accept £200k for him, perhaps I'm being naive but he seems worth more than that, especially if he helps keep us up. Was hoping for double that...Again maybe I'm being naive. Pretty sure he has another year to go so surely worst case he'll still be worth £200k come the summer so not sure why we'd accept that now. Hoping the figure is just paper talk...
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