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  1. Okay, I admit my business plan was written on the back of a beermat, however build it and they will come
  2. If money was no obstacle, and you wanted to build something that would bring people into Paisley what would it be? Here are a couple of ideas I have had over the years to get you all started.... 1. build a giant zip line from the car park in the sky to Stanley dam. 2. build an outdoor beer garden on the piece of land next to the Watermill hotel
  3. I can only speak for myself here (white male, 45-60 age bracket, no significant health conditions) I have had two jags, the last one in April. I am currently isolating after getting positive test on Monday. Got symptoms similar to heavy cold on Boxing Day, knew straight away it was Covid as I have not had as much as a sniffle since the pandemic started. I still don’t plan on getting a booster anytime soon but don’t decry anyone who does. I do feel that there is a thin line just now between self agency and the greater good.
  4. Bugger off Hendo nobody believes you 😂
  5. Given that scientists can’t agree if viruses are dead or alive, I would suggest that there can be no absolutes in any arguments when discussing Covid.
  6. Merry Christmas all, and to all a Merry Christmas 🎄
  7. It’s a tragedy, however I tend to believe that those who were susceptible/vulnerable to Covid have now been taken from us in the first and second wave. I suspect that with a population that is now almost 80% vaccinated and ICUs now able to offer a treatment that can limit the damage done by Covid/immune response their doesn’t appear to be a large amount of hosts that the virus can kill.
  8. Your right it wasn’t the health minister, it was a professor who was in the same news article......
  9. Very interesting, I found what looks like a legitimate peer reviewed article on this subject........read it all but a bit technical, however the conclusion seems fairly easy to understand.
  10. I also think that withdrawing routine health checks for diabetes, high cholesterol and heart conditions in the over 75s says a lot about how we treat our elderly in this country.
  11. I hate to say it, but the only way that you are going to get the message across that the fans are not happy with the lack of service they have received is to let your money do the talking. I have bought a ST for saints for the last 15 years, during this time, there on the pitch performance has been mixed, however I have always felt valued as a fan until this season. Very poor communication from the club over ST sales, poor communication about “bridge gate” and what the hell was all that stuff about red zones in the stadium? We are seeing the effects of poor leadership already with attendance figures this season, and will probably see a big drop in ST sales next season if this is not addressed.
  12. 🎶 Tis the season to be jolly, tralalalala,lalalah 🎶

    New director

    I am sure he won’t be “perturbed “ by your decision
  14. Were any of them chairman or club officials? No I didn’t think so. No one would give two hoots if it was fans making these comments. The fact is he represents our football club and the family values that the club and to a greater extent the league represent. The fact that he also wrote similar comments when he was head of RBS is perplexing!
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