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  1. On way back from the game via a couple of watering holes full of hibees fans. I'm more than happy with the result. Good goal and although that was pretty much it in terms of any realistic chances and any possession I thought we played okay. Goodwin was very good, calm and collected. Jamie in goal was very very good with a couple of important saves and generally confident throughout. Hibs fans I spoke to grudgingly agreed although they were more brassed off with their performance. They thought they maybe deserved to win but purely down to possession nothing else. Couldn't understand Mallan in the bench though. Overall, in the short term I'm a happy bunny.
  2. Leaving now for the match via a couple of watering holes with a hibee chum. Not expecting anything from the match at all but you never know. Still, always enjoy a good day out in Embra regardless of the result COYS!!
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