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  1. Leatherface will sort Cummings out !!
  2. lol I tried At least it’s banter with you....Where did leatherbawface come from all of a sudden. [emoji40]
  3. Because he leads a very sad life & better to do
  4. Facing a Chinese take away [emoji40]
  5. Early bird prices should of been scrapped due to whats happening, should be the early bird price for everyone not matter when you buy your ST, IMO.
  6. What’s it got to do with you, Shull or GMan who buys a ST? I’ll be stupid like a couple of thousand including my son & granddaughter & purchase mine. I know why I’m renewing mine. Now go have a Chinese with Shull keep quiet & be a good boy !!!
  7. Think it’s one friendly & one cup game on the season ticket.
  8. Just read they are doing early bird prices, if the club want the fans to look after them they should be doing the same.
  9. Hope they don’t have didn’t prices for ST’s as in early bird price ect. It should remain the same whenever you buy it, we can’t finish this seasons so losing out on games never mind buying into next seasons games.
  10. [emoji23] Heard his interview on the radio he’s got to say that but we know what he really thinks. He also said Hearts had only won 4 games this season & what makes people think their forms going to change with the remaining games. Glad he got that point across.
  11. You’re a very angry man Shull, death breath & calm down [emoji4][emoji40][emoji304]
  12. My preferred option is to keep it as it is & send Hearts down coz this is about trying to keep them in the league. Change it after season 21-22.
  13. Can’t believe I’m agreeing with you [emoji40]
  14. Funny how it’s Hamilton’s Les Grey that’s also part of her team & Dundee fc change to a yes vote. Couldn’t make this up. I smell [emoji90]
  15. Rumours & reporting said they voted no on Friday then withdrew it. Don’t know what’s going on TBH, total farce as usual.
  16. Wonder why Dundee have changed their mind, SPFL up to no good as usual maybe. Reconstruction for a yes vote. [emoji848]
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