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  1. Wasn’t sacked get your facts right Shull [emoji6]
  2. Imagine OK wanting to commute home to see him family, shouldn’t be allowed [emoji4]
  3. & has not done much since, nice guy but not the saviour.
  4. Good luck to all who bought into the GORDON SCOTT CIRCUS. Fan ownership my arse !!
  5. You heard anything about Gordon Scott leaving? If not you want to tell him to get to f**k [emoji6]
  6. Aye is that right? Makes a change from you saying who we’re signing [emoji4]
  7. GLS doesn’t give a flying f**k about the fans he thinks St Mirren is his toy [emoji30]
  8. Now that’ll be a laugh [emoji23] All who are buying the club should actually be asking GLS questions right now, it’s your good money that’s going down the swanny [emoji6]
  9. Wee Gordys a f**king twat, conned a lot of you believing he was the man to take the club in the right direction. I didn’t buy into his shite.
  10. Served in the army in Bally Kelly, used to drink in Coleraine, Limavady & surrounding areas In the 80’s. Great wee places.
  11. I agree, the old scum don’t have the same attraction anymore for our supporters to come along & watch them, specially with the baggage they bring with them. If my children were still kids they would be the last teams I’d take them to watch. Even players don’t see them like they used to, they don’t attract big time players now either.
  12. We’ve got a similar taxi driver [emoji6]
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