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  1. See Hamilton have signed Gary Mason until Jan. See on BBC website that details about the Killie Vs Saints game that Camara and Innes are both out. Killie Vs Saints Has Innes kicked a ball yet to get injured? Before signing him people were talking about the defence being thin but if this is what we have for the season to come we are going to have to worry and hope our centre backs don't get injured as then there would be no back up!
  2. good point. we just going to take anything people will give us for him? he is worth alot to us in goals...and if we took 500k for him will it go to the squad? we have lost a lot of players from last season and dorman would be one more. we need 1 to 2 centre backs, and wide players for either side and a left back. are we going to get this...no i doubt it! I feel we may have added 3 quality players but we need more otherwise we will be very weak in my book. on the OS says that Robb needs more time on the pitch to get more match fit and said he didn't go to italy. is he THE most injury prone player that has ever lived?!
  3. how can hamilton get so much for mccarthy? didnt think he was that great when i saw him and did he score more than dorman in the season? dont think so so why cant we get the same or closer to million if they can get it for that wee naff!
  4. Pish and a journey man of the highest order. he doesn't play for the club or the shirt, just the money from what he did a celtic. We need someone who wants to prove himself like Cuthbert. We shouldn't look at that many old timers.
  5. What about going for Grégory Tadé who has been released by Clyde. There was someone on here talking awhile back about him being no bad. I know he is from the lower leagues but Dundee Utd seem to be good at picking some talented players from lower divisions. He is youngish and could be a squad player. from his stats it looks like he isnt afaid to take a shot which i think we do need. what people think? I know he is a midfielder but he is an attacking minded one at that.
  6. I agree with this as we do need to wait to see him play. For instance look at Tonet. On paper looks like the biggest waste of space and when playing seems like....well, the biggest waste of space. Wait! Has he played? Is he still injured? Is he still in Paisley or has he gone back to Spain? We should, at the next home game, dress him like where’s Walley. Would be good if we could get players permanently as that’s both Harte and Miranda on loan until end of season and Cuthbert too. If we could secure (not going into finances etc) all of them to stay at saints then I would be very happy. Hopefully maybe get a big presence goal scorer up front and I would be very, very happy indeed. On a separate note I'm glad to see the saints fans and St Mirren football club being optimistic on here and on the playing field. All we need to do is get right behind them, for them to be confident and we will hopefully start scoring more goals and be in a position in the table that the team and the fans deserve. The futures bright, the future's BLACK and WHITE!!!
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