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    Scotland, a good laugh, positive people, running, hiking, camping in the middle of nowhere, cheering on a good game!

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  1. Happy New Year to all of you!! Greetings from the Yukon, Canada where it is -35C this am...!! love to the Saints and to all of you!!!

  2. sorry I missed your birthday FJ...!! hope it was most, most wonderful!!

  3. I'm on top, top of the world with happiness over here in Canada.. re: the game...!!!

  4. Today is the big game, Vancouver vs Boston IN Vancouver!! Bring the Cup home Canucks!!!

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    2. Kendo


      Canucks bombed out, supporters behaved like r*ngers in Manchester, are you locked up

    3. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      Seen her pushing a 4x4 over...shocking behaviour.

    4. Kendo


      No reply, think she is locked up

  5. Vancouver lost to Boston! the final game is on Wednesday in Vancouver..! Go Canucks

  6. Go Vancouver Canucks!! Stanley Cup game vs Boston tomorrow!!

    1. Otto Repoman

      Otto Repoman

      Calgery Hitmen ya bass....

  7. Bring me over to Scotland if you win, Faraway Saint....

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      I won £10, would that cover it? ;)

    2. Kendo


      It would if it was shull

  8. I'm home from the Caribbean.. back to -20C weather, but well rested and nicely tanned.... all over!!!

  9. -43C and I am brrrr...cold!!

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    2. Miss Saint

      Miss Saint

      haha aye stick a cardi on and stop moaning!

    3. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      And warmer pants would help. ;)

    4. North Sea Saint

      North Sea Saint

      thats bikini weather!!!

  10. Listen to Johnny Rocks on radio tonight...!! I can't.... wish I could...!!!

  11. Hey NSS.. long time no hear.. what is new with you??!! love from Chilly Chick and I....

  12. happy, happy about our win!! sorry I have been MIA....love you all!!!

    1. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      MIA - meddling in alchemy? making indecent approaches? munching illiegal agaricus? mangled in Alberta?

  13. We'll give those buggers a run for their money... you watch!!!!

    1. Jocky


      Lets hope so. Get your black and white on!!!

  14. thinking of you all..FJ, HSS, Jocky, NSS, taxi saint, Bluto, Roswell, Shull....

    1. shull


      Evening Doll, hope yir well ?

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