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  1. Brilliant wouldn't have thought this was possible in January
  2. Go to youtube them open http://www.loudtronix.co/ in a new tab, paste url into search box select standard download save to music folder then burn to disc, not strictly legal but heyho ,
  3. Steven Thompson & Rupert Everett separated at birth
  4. Me & Mrs Zebrakid we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas & a happy new year, lets hope 2017 is better for all of us and St Mirren.
  5. Look back through old programmes ground always referred to as St Mirren Park, yes I liked the fact that we knew the Old Ground as Love St I also liked Peter Kane playing with big boots, games being played almost exclusively on a Saturday at 3.00 and only two divisions dominated by the Bigot brothers but not to the extent they do today but we've moved on now, so instead of worrying about the grounds name or how bad the strip is or coloured boots lets concentrate on getting the product on the pitch right, If the new Stadium isn't working for you how will a change of name help?
  6. Hobbycraft 1 x White wool 1x Black wool !x pair of knitting needles should be ready by Tuesday
  7. Just the one sock will do
  8. Find a decent bar with a good gantry (Ben Nevis, Lismore in Glasgow) work your way through a selection find the style that suits your tastes and enjoy, If you want a recommendation Jura
  9. What player with even a modicum of Talent is going to want to come and play here in January, we are dreadful and we are down.
  10. When did Fat Boy Slim get the gig as 4th Official?
  11. Heard this the other day when it was recommended on my youtube channel, It is truly dreadful I have deleted my browsing history in the hope that it never returns.
  12. Born Paisley (in Cup winning year to a St Mirren supporting family} moved to Exeter (Still Supporting Saints) moved to Jersey (Still Supporting Saints) moved to Kent (Still Supporting Saints) moved to London (Still Supporting Saints) Moved to Glasgow & Still Supporting Saints
  13. None of the Glasgow pubs here would be my choice but https://www.matchpint.co.uk/bars-showing-st-mirren-vs-ayr-248890 has a list
  14. You have a point in as much as the English, Welsh & N.Irish economy's would all be affected by the departure of Scotland from the Union, however as the majority voted to leave the European Union I wouldn't be so sure you would get the result you want.
  15. It perhaps had more to do with the position we find ourselves in under his Management.
  16. Watching reruns of past glories does ef all to help with this malaise that we find ourselves in.
  17. The problem is that if the players are not playing for the manager then they should be playing for their own self respect and for the Fans who pay to watch this crap
  18. " Rae's jacket will be on a shoogly peg very shortly.... " Hopefully in about 30 mins
  19. See your point If it is the latter who is nominated driver (I suspect 1 pie & ! Pint)
  20. Getting back onto the original topic perhaps those behind the 1877 club should pop along to Cliiftonhill on Saturday and see how this works out for Albion Rovers http://albionroversfc.co.uk/pie-and-pint-rovers-v-st-mirren/
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