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  1. Bit short up front at the minute but it's looking like the best squad we've had since the League Cup winning team in my opinion. All those guys who came from outside Scotland (Durmus, Foley, Obika, Morais, McCarthy....) now know what the league's about and should hit the ground running. Most of their new teammates have already shown that they have what it takes to succeed at this level. Looking promising!
  2. Marcus Fraser is a surprise. If he'd been a top target then I'd imagine we'd have signed him earlier (he left County at the start of June). I'm wondering if we've drawn a blank in finding a suitable left back and, with the season about to start, Fraser is plan B. Young striker on loan the last bit of business?
  3. Killie have just signed up a left back from Portsmouth on a 2 year contract. Maybe that'll be the catalyst for us working out a deal for Waters?
  4. Am I right in saying that we don't have a natural left back? Options currently being Erhahon, MacPherson or Tait? Presuming that Killie want to hold onto Waters?
  5. 16 (13x3)= Thompson (11/12, 12/13, 13/14) 15 (14) = Higdon (10/11) 13 (11) = Sutton (06/07) 13 (3) = Mehmet (09/10) 12 (8) = Obika (19/20) 12 (7) = Mehmet (08/09) 12 (10) = Dorman (08/09) 11 (10) = Gillies (00/01) *league goals in brackets
  6. So Stephen Robinson's not having the best of weeks then.....
  7. 16 (13x3)= Thompson (11/12, 12/13, 13/14) 15 (14) = Higdon (10/11) 13 (11) = Sutton (06/07) 13 (3) = Mehmet (09/10) 12 (7) = Mehmet (08/09) 12 (10) = Dorman (08/09) 11 (10) = Gillies (00/01) 11 (7) = Obika (19/20) *league goals in brackets Updated as I'd made a couple of mistakes....
  8. Arguably an assist for the 2nd goal last night as well: deliberately held off the defender to let the ball go run through, knowing Ilkay had space at the back post. Really intelligent play.
  9. 16 = Thompson (11/12, 12/13 & 13/14) 14 = Higdon (10/11) 13 = Sutton (06/07) 13 = Mehmet (09/10) 12 = Mehmet (08/09) 12 = Dorman (08/09) 11 = Gillies (99/00) 11 = Obika (19/20)
  10. Jon is now amongst the elite few who have managed a double-figure goal return for us, as a top league club, in the past 2 decades: 16 = Thompson (11/12, 12/13 & 13/14) 14 = Higdon (10/11) 13 = Sutton (06/07) 13 = Mehmet (09/10) 12 = Mehmet (08/09) 12 = Dorman (08/09) 11 = Gillies (99/00) 10 = Obika (19/20)
  11. JG on the radio... Lee Hodson had a nerve issue rather than a hamstring strain, which the physio has been able to resolve. Ross Wallace can manage 20/30 minutes at the moment if needed. Will cover for us at left back or central midfield.
  12. Accies have serious issues at centre-half now. Easton / Woods started tonight: Easton stretchered off with a bad injury and Woods hooked at HT after a poor showing. The Accies' fans reckon he's a poor replacement for Sam Stubbs.
  13. Talking of missing defenders.... Accies' first-pick centre-half, Brian Easton, has just been carried off with a suspected dislocated shoulder. If that's the case then he'll do well to be back this season. Hamilton 0-3 Aberdeen HT
  14. Brian Easton, who's slow as a week in the jail, is back in the Accies defence after injury. Looks like the tactic is going to be to run at him rather than let him enjoy the physical battle with Obika. Chabbi though?
  15. Looking forward to seeing the effect of the new man on Durmus as well. Sounds like they've got a great knowledge of each other's games. Also nice for the pair to have each other's company day-to-day when living far from home. Hopefully, we'll see the best of both of them.
  16. See 49:30 - Sportscene, 2019/20: 02/02/2020: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000f47j via @bbciplayer I think you're due a new pair of specs.
  17. Looking at the highlights, Obika did his bit for both goals. Held off Darren McGregor (no mean feat) to win the corner for the 1st. Goal number 2: dragged the defender to the front post leaving space for Andreu to score.
  18. For anyone planning on travelling from Ayrshire direction by train...... They're doing work on the line all day Saturday so it's a bus between Gilmour St. and Kilwinning. Trains running normal Gilmour St. to Glasgow.
  19. According to Beuzelin after the game they will be playing to win on Wednesday night. He says a point will not be good enough. Given their defensive problems they may decide just to go for it and try and outscore us. They've only had 2 clean sheets this season anyway (compared to our 8). Today couldn't really have played out any better for us: early sending off then a power of work put in for the remainder the game as Celtic had to keep the foot on the gas. Accies though......
  20. Accies' centre half pairing today is a 17 year old and a 21 year old with less than 10 senior appearances between them....
  21. Of course, this will be game 2 of Brian Rice's betting ban so Beuzelin, his assistant, will be in charge for Accies.
  22. A golden opportunity this to put some distance between us and 12th. They're in the midst of a injury crisis and will have 90 minutes of chasing the ball tomorrow, 72 hours ahead of playing us. Need to beat them. ..................................................................... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/hamilton-boss-brian-rice-says-21392227 Rice pointed out that he’s missing captain Brian Easton, defenders Aaron McGowan and Jamie Hamilton and strikers George Oakley and David Moyo, while Blair Alston was on the bench for the 4-2 defeat at home to Livingston, despite not being fully-fit. The Accies boss said: “I can’t afford to lose five or six starters out of the core of my team, I just can’t do it. To be out there and to be as strong as I would like to be, or as competitive as I would like to be... I’m definitely going to have to look at it, because if I don’t get these boys back from injury then we’re going to be struggling for numbers.There’s nothing to stop you from being competitive, you know? But I said to them at half-time that two or three of them were maybe letting me down and letting the fans down. Letting their team-mates down, because they weren’t giving it everything out there. They’re looking tired, they’re looking soft. That was an opportunity for some boys who hadn’t been playing to step up to the plate, and I think naivety and a bit of softness out there cost us the game..... If you score four goals away from home you deserve to win, but they were very, very poor goals from my point of view. It was a makeshift back four out there, the injuries – especially to defensive players – have really played their part.”
  23. Just read through the reactions of the Killie fans under the club tweeting his return. Wooooft! Raging would be an understatement. That club is not in a good place.
  24. 35 years old and has been out injured for the best part of 3 months. Big Kirk has not got that much football left in him I would think. We'll see how he gets on with Killie the next 18 months.... He was under contract with us until after his 37th birthday on, you assume, a very good deal. Maybe this will be a blessing disguise. Another centre half would be handy though....
  25. Play in their youth team, like him and they'll pay a fee in the summer?
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