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  1. The Ingram Wind is very nice but a bit pricey. Was in the Shandon Belles in Anderston last week, was delicious. Can't wait to go back. Underneath the Two Fat Ladies and owned by the same folk, but less expensive and not so centred on seafood. I do love Trattoria Roma though.
  2. I know, I know. There's no logical reason for me not to have ticked the box for eyes, but no matter how much I tell myself that I won't need them, it just doesn't sit right with me. ETA I'm on my last year if I can keep 100ft from Jack Ross for a bit longer.
  3. Anyway, I got back today in a pretty good mood. I was regretting buying my ticket in the run-up because I wasn't impressed with the line-up, but it turned out pretty well. I enjoyed The Proclaimers, Mumford & Sons, The Fratellies, Ocean Colour Scene, The Killers, Stereophonics and especially Travis and Frank Turner. Rihanna was shite, but I knew that anyway. Might go back next year, but it does piss me off what a rip-off the place is once you're inside the arena. £4.20 for a pint of pisswater is a joke, as is not being allowed to bring your own food or soft drinks in. Plus the good guy/wank ratio is getting silly.
  4. That does my tits in. There's loads of chancers springing up charging a fiver to plug your smartphone in for ten minutes. IMO the experience is lessened having one. My idea of a festival is turning up with what you can carry on your back and nothing that requires plugged in anywhere, save my old Sony Erriccson just in case there's an emergency. Damn smartphones are a distraction from all the good stuff going on around you.
  5. I've been on the register for several years now. Everything but my eyeballs can be recycled.
  6. Is that the same as "anymanny"?
  7. Did that wee rat at Hibs not have #01 in his 2nd spell?
  8. I see. So nothing to do with you not being an insufferable cnut.
  9. Kinda wish the media wouldn't make such a massive deal of it. Let him die with dignity.
  10. Looks poor this year. I'm going but it'll be my last. I'm too old (at 22!). Probably most looking forward to Stereophonics, plus quite a few smaller acts. Headliners are really unimaginative. Rihanna FFS.
  11. That's three correct spellings of there/their in one post, some kind of record for you eh?
  12. Life is full of surprises. I'm surprised you're not punched in the face more often for being an insufferable cnut.
  13. I don't really pay attention to other club's tops, other unless it's really, really nice, but FWIW, that is pretty bogging. Not quite as bad as Thistle's pink and grey patterned number, though
  14. Releasing Imrie to sign Novo would be lunacy.
  15. That's a crying shame. I hope you learn to get over your daily trauma.
  16. Don't understand drivers who get so worked up over cyclists. What kind of person has such a fragile ego that they feel threatened by a guy on a bike?
  17. Not as much as it hurts trying to work out what the f**k you're trying to say.
  18. lovestreet doesn't need Langfield to stay at Aberdeen to make him look daft.
  19. Two Scottish Cups. Think they got to a League Cup Final. Did they win? I don't recall...
  20. I'd set up a CIC, with fans and only fans contributing. I would then buy St. Mirren and sell it to the aforementioned CIC with no timescale set on being paid back. Could take five years or fifty years. As for the rest, probably stash it under my mattress and dip in to occasionally treat myself to a new suit or something. Bit of a compulsive saver.
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