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  1. The 50 great matches was a disappointment as some of the choices in it of "great matches" were rather odd.
  2. Jack Ross is a good appointment, I was initially hoping for more a guy with more experience but after reading Jack's interview as well as the endorsements from his fellow peers has got me feeling very positive about him being St Mirren manager. I do think go times are ahead. Just disappointed he has to work a week's notice at Alloa, surely he has racked up some unused holiday time that he could have used to finish up there 4 or 5 days earlier. I was delighted when it wasn't Gus too, and Jack does like the fans also.
  3. If the choice is between Mixu and Jack Ross then I would prefer Mixu, he has a decent record and his time and Dundee Utd wasn't helped with off field matters. Jack Ross has started his managerial career fairly well but so did Ian Murray... Also Mixu has been mentioned in Phoenix Nights which really puts this debate to bed!
  4. Got my Kraftwerk ticket yesterday for GRCH most that I have ever paid for a ticket as it was £82.50 Gigs I have been to this year: Suede, Blancmange, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Adam Ant, Gary Numan, and 4 China Crisis gigs with another 4 to follow
  5. It is disappointing that John Hughes has ruled himself out, so I hope Gus rules himself out too. He treated the fans like scum, I remember when Danny Lennon became manager and one of his very early interviews was talking positive about the fans and it was so refreshing to hear compared to what Gus would say about them, Gus could not take criticism and it was be a disasterous move if the board made him manager. This is the opportunity for a positive step, not many other contenders out there now, but with JH ruling himself out then Jamie Fullarton would be my choice of next manager, with an experienced assistant manager brought in too.
  6. If Gus was a decent manager he would have went onto better things after his time a St Mirren, his negativity and arrogance is why he never got a better job and ended up at an amateur club, although I admit he did have some good spells at St Mirren (2005-6), and even remember that Colchester United were keen to speak to him for the job of manager there when he was still at Saints. I hope we do get someone new in door as manager, my preferred choice is still John Hughes
  7. He was a great guy, I remember him mostly from being a ball boy same time as his son was a a ball boy too, and remember him fondly from away trips too. R.I.P.
  8. Neil Warnock has massive experience and would be a great choice, I’d still prefer John Hughes getting the nod, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if Jamie Fullarton were to become manager, as long as Gus doesn’t get the job then I’d be delighted.
  9. John Hughes has had an informal chat with the club yesterday
  10. Gus MacPherson would be a the wrong choice, he joined QOS when they were bottom of the 1st Division and got them relegated. He should not be allowed anywhere near St Mirren FC after the league cup final debacle. John Hughes would be my choice.
  11. Last season I had some optimism when Rae took over and the results started to improve, the optimism increased close season when the signings made where impressive but I certainly did not expect us to be sitting bottom of the table after 5 games, we are now seeing the cracks appearing in Alex Rae’s poor management skills and the countless excuses, with the latest one being “When I was in charge of Dundee we failed to win any of our opening 5 league games but finished 3rd”, so now beginning to see through him and his weaknesses in fact I would say he is a very similar manager both in tactics and mannerisms as John Brown. It seems is loyalties are with Sevco and not with St Mirren. We should try and get rid of Alex Rae and bring in John Hughes while he is still available as he has said a lot of positive things about St Mirren in the past including most recently when he was manager of ICT when he said many good things about SMFC
  12. It isn't the best of times just now being a St Mirren fan but after you have read this post watch the following DVDs St Mirren 1987 How The Cup Was Won and Love Street The Movie, it will uplift you all for the time being. p.s. I will burn a copy for John Hughes
  13. I think it will be Dundee. I actually went into Paddy Power on Gilmour Street on the opening day of last season wanting to stick a fiver on Dundee going into administration before the end of the season and they refused to take my bet!
  14. Nellie Mangel was one greatest of the soap characters of all time. Vivean Gray also appeared briefly in Prisoner Cell Block H but the producers cut her story out as her story coincided with an actual similar case going through the courts in Australia at the time, so sadly she didn't get the full story she deserved, also she was great in Picnic At Hanging Rock. R.I.P. Vivean
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-36786762
  16. Will also have the names of 1987 cup winning team on the new top according to JD. "Show your support for Alex Rae and his team with this men's St Mirren FC 2016/17 Home Shirt from Carbrini. With it being the 30th Anniversary of the club winning the Scottish cup in 1987, this shirt pays homage to that success, and within the stripes of the shirt, it contains all the names of the cup winning St. Mirren team from that day. Featuring X-Tech technology that has been designed to keep the body cool and dry, even when the temperature is heating up at St Mirren Park. Complete with the club crest to the chest providing a final stamp of The Buddies pride"
  17. Is John Sutton's agent Billy Clabby?
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOca_wTZ5BQ
  19. The Titanic was never sank, it was it's sister ship The Olympic which was disguised to look like The Titanc and deliberately sank as an insurance job
  20. I am looking forward to seeing the new top, yes it is frustrating waiting when other clubs have released their new strips, but we are getting over excited, it wasn't that long ago new strips would be issued every 2nd or even 3rd season and we had walk down to the Saints Shop in the piazza to view the new strips for the first time in the window display.
  21. We already had a "Leicester" season in 1999/00 as we were 2nd favourites for relegation and ended up winning the league
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