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  1. No St Mirren Manager has won more games than he has lost for more than 30 years. The last manager to achieve this was Rikki McFarlane (11/1980 to 10/1983). He had 55 wins and 41 losses. He replicated the achievements of his 3 Predecessors (Wilson Humphries 26-24, Alex Ferguson 74-54 & Jim Clunie 54-41). Only Gus McPherson has come close in recent years with 102 wins against 105 losses. If Gus can be convinced to come back then surely he is the man that we desperately need to drag us away from the bottom of the division. Has done a great job at Hampden and has all the attributes that we need long term. Billy Davies to the end of the Season then Gus for the new campaign.
  2. Would jump at chance for Billy Davies or Steve Clarke to take the job until May and save us from League One.
  3. Steve Clarke Danny Lennon Gus McPherson Jim McInally Darren Young
  4. Has an injury according to the Gaffer before the game.
  5. No that should have been red as deliberately took him out.
  6. Nothing wrong with that goal at all! FFS we should be 1 up.
  7. How could a ban only announced in the last hour be in a post yesterday? Also in wrong section surely???
  8. Can't see it mentioned anywhere else! Don't swear at me
  9. Kirk Broadfoot (now at Rotherham) banned for 10 matches after misconduct charge against him proven. BBC SPORT
  10. For those who want to avoid the Sun - League set up on Fantasy Premier League (Official Game of EPL). http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ League Name - Buddie Great Code to join this league: 351231-93076
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