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  1. How about 3.17 into this as posted earlier? Don't look to be trying to me ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/45316797
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/45316797 Are we now in the realms of openly downing tools to get rid of the manager? From about 3:17 this is shocking from McGinn and Magennis and it wasn't an isolated incident. At least Magennis makes a half-hearted late run here to track the Livingston player who strolls past him, McGinn does nothing. Stubbs' signings might be genuinely rubbish or they could be young boys struggling to find their feet, but regardless, you would expect the team captain (and fans' hero) to at least try to set an example and give them a hand. To then openly criticise them, and by implication, the manager in the press is hugely unhelpful and disruptive.
  3. Nah, I just used your post as a platform for my relatively mild gripe at having to shell out an extra £115 on account of a 13th birthday falling a few days before the renewals open. Mind you, if the club are really setting their pricing age bands on the basis that 13 year olds have a new found opportunity to earn a few quid on a paper round, that seems a tad mean spirited!
  4. It's my (soon to be) 13 year old that I feel sorry for. Or rather, I feel sorry for myself since it's me that's paying. I'm not clear on the logic behind charging a 13 year old £115 more than a 12 year old. His ability to earn an income hasn't changed! Otherwise the pricing structure looks very reasonable.
  5. Agree wholeheartedly. Couldn't hear anything from the crowd because of the ridiculous level of the music coming from the PA system. It was the same pre-match on Saturday. This seems to have become a feature of modern football stadiums. The crowd should create the atmosphere. Stuff coming over the PA will not.
  6. Think you can watch it on SFA Facebook or Youtube.
  7. My folks are still down the road on the corner of Rannoch! Would be good to catch up with you both, although I'm not sure about inviting any gloating Thistle fans along - too painful! I'll tell him you were both asking for him though!
  8. Yup. You & John Cameron (?) a couple of years ahead of me, making a grand total of 3 St Mirren fans!
  9. Born in Glasgow, first few years in Scotstoun then to Bearsden. My dad would take us to various grounds other than Ibrox or Parkhead - Boghead, Firhill, Love St, Hampden! My older brother was an 80s Aberdeen fan (now supports Thistle) & my younger brother followed him as a Dons fan. For reasons that I can't really explain (always supported the underdog, liked our strip, loved Love St????) I supported the Saints, probably from about 1979/80. Persuaded my wife to move to Paisley when we got married (much cheaper than anywhere we looked in Glasgow!) and was within walking distance of Love St for four years. Moved to Kirkintilloch about 16 years ago and been there ever since. My 11 year old is now reliving my youth as the only St Mirren fan that he knows - proudly wears his Saints kits in the midst of Rangers, Celtic, Chelsea, Real Madrid, etc. I mostly want us to win these days for his sake to partially assuage the guilt of having inflicted the past three years of misery on him.
  10. And the standard of production is dreadful. Grainy footage, and camera work that is presumably meant to be clever as it zooms in on the ball as the play is ongoing. Maybe they're trying to spare us having to watch the sub-standard football on show, but I tuned in to watch the game, not lengthy close ups of management teams, chairmen/CEOs, fans or even players while the ball is in play.
  11. Er...perhaps in general his tactics were defensive, but to use the league cup final as an example is bizarre. We lost because we went chasing the game, piling men forward when Rangers were down to 9 men and leaving ourselves totally exposed to the counter attack. It was anything but defensive!
  12. ...and using my powers of deduction, I must have been one of the other two!
  13. But I like my ST seat at the north end of the Main Stand! Well, when I say "like", I mean that it's better than most of the remaining unreserved seats if I was shunted to the other end. It also might be an issue that you've only got two relatively small sections at each end of the Main Stand before the "premium", slightly padded seating starts. I buy a ST for me and my boy purely for convenience so that I don't need to buy tickets for every game. If that was for unreserved seating, I'd be happy enough since there would generally be plenty reasonable seats to go around, particularly if you pitch up before 5 to 3! As it is, there are very few seats around me that aren't reserved for ST holders so on the odd occasion that a mate comes along, it's difficult to get seats together. I think unreserved seating would help the atmosphere and would make it more attractive for people to bring mates along. The main thing that would help though is a decent team on the pitch.
  14. My son is going because it gets him out of swimming training! On a Saturday afternoon, he might have found something more enjoyable to do!!
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