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  1. We budget for 11th place every year. Can we really expect to bring in a manager that will improve us i.e. a top 6 finish? I highly doubt it.
  2. Its not that bad. Our kits this season are spoiled by the yellow sponsorship text and design
  3. What time does the station lounge buses leave at?
  4. I always thought Shuggie would finish his career at StMirren, but obviously he still felt he could play at a decent level and wasn't getting the playing time with us when he was fit anymore. There is no doubt he will be a big player for Thistle this season if he can stay fit.
  5. It seems like half the threads on here are merely pointless debates between St.Sid and Somner9.
  6. Oh TediousTom, how I do rather enjoy your old-fashioned, proper way of speaking. It is an etiquette that should be followed by more people on this forum.
  7. There have been potential buyers in the past from abroad who the board of directors have rejected as they want the safety and security of the club to remain intact and want the club to remain debt free. Even if 10,000 hours bid failed I doubt they would sell the club to some shady character/organisation from overseas as they have put too much of their own money and effort in over the years to let the club get f**ked over by anyone. Claiming back their money is important, but securing a safe investor to take over the club is also a must.
  8. Iv'e had an Archos Mp3 player for about 2 years and it has always worked well and the sound is good, not that I can help you with your dilemma
  9. what happened to u changin ur username anyway?

  10. If we could afford him I would more than welcome him to the team. he would be our best Central Midfielder, no question about it.
  11. 1. Rush 2. ACDC 3. Rolling Stones 4. Kiss 5. Green Day
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