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  1. Ethan isn’t a left back, is he better than what we’ve had this season in midfield - debatable - but I don’t think so, I thought a loan to lower league in Scotland for game time. However this could be some move and would still have a year left so would be worth a few quid
  2. Reports surface of Barnsley wanting Ethan on loan, with a view to buying him in summer
  3. Wonder if anything is bounty happen this week??
  4. Don’t think he is being released as such, think he isn’t signing a new deal
  5. I see the boy Williamson has been released by the pars. Not saw anything of him this year, but last year when we were in the championship I thought he was awesome. Could be worth a punt?
  6. I don’t mind a wee sing song and in fact I love the massoke in Glasgow also cosmopol on hope street. But the bull was a great pub that never needed this, however things change and perhaps the bull has had to change to attract custom
  7. Since the bull changed hands it’s went down hill. What was a great pub is sadly no more. They have even started Karaoke on Saturday nights 🤮
  8. Any one got a link to the decision that was given as offside before McCallister lobbed the keeper, I’m looking for a video not a photo
  9. Learning after all, you see Tom you can teach an old dog new tricks after all, after all indeed
  10. Looks like we’re missing out in Miller, going to Dundee by all accounts
  11. Stubbs got the best out of stokes at Hibs, I would imaging he could do so again, I would take him if he drops his billy Big baws attitude
  12. I would like us to go for templeton, just released by accies and scored 9 goals in top flight, good replacement for Morgan in my opinion
  13. Thought he would have had a crack at the top league [emoji22]
  14. Folk have been on here earlier suggesting we’re in for stokes, well he has just been released, I wonder if there is any truth in this after all?
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