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    linwood bud got a reaction from MenstrieSaint in Speculation Thread   
    Ethan isn’t a left back, is he better than what we’ve had this season in midfield - debatable - but I don’t think so, I thought a loan to lower league in Scotland for game time. However this could be some move and would still have a year left so would be worth a few quid
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    linwood bud reacted to St.Ricky in Speculation Thread   
    A busy week last week on the transfer in side. Still a bit to go. More to happen on the out side of the equation. I'd expect non 1st team pool regulars to go out on loan. 
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    linwood bud reacted to faraway saint in 2 New Loan Signings   
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    linwood bud reacted to Sonny in Hibs v St Mirren 3/8/19   
    After watching all the League Cup displays I was well impressed with what I witnessed today. The four new guys contributed well and Andreu and Djorkoff finally looked as they too will be a decent addition. Thought Cammy McPherson and Paul McGinn put on great displays considering both were playing out of position. Not permanent for both of them but a big improvement in the full back stakes. And Ryan Flynn had an excellent game. Feeling far far more positive now considering there are a couple more to come in. Bring it on.
    Edit to Add: It was also nice to see Mr and Mrs Stephen McGInn sitting in with the supporters today and not in the prawn sandwich seats.
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    linwood bud reacted to FTOF in Speculation Thread   
    I see that Uncle Roy at Ross County has been down the back of the sofa again.
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    linwood bud got a reaction from MenstrieSaint in Speculation Thread   
    I see the boy Williamson has been released by the pars. Not saw anything of him this year, but last year when we were in the championship I thought he was awesome. Could be worth a punt?
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    linwood bud got a reaction from TPAFKA Jersey 2 in The Bull Inn   
    I don’t mind a wee sing song and in fact I love the massoke in Glasgow also cosmopol on hope street. But the bull was a great pub that never needed this, however things change and perhaps the bull has had to change to attract custom
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    linwood bud reacted to turrabuddie in St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019   
    Suit Faraway, and me !
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    linwood bud reacted to Sweeper07 in Speculation Thread   
    I am not worried - just wish we had em in the door. I think we will get other/(s) in but the basis of a decent team are already here.  
    Let's not kid ourselves - we ain't gonna win every 2nd game. We just need 1 win more that Dee and the Hammer throwers. Beating them both twice would do it . . .
    Picking up other points would be a bonus and give us a comfort zone in planning for next season 
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    linwood bud reacted to Sweeper07 in Speculation Thread   
    Take your point - I did ask the question  
    Curran is out injured with a hamstring issue I believe  . .  but out of the 9 they have brought in, only these 2 , is a good thing. 
    Further though,  if we get or had got who we targeted then I think we would not be even counting these 2 either.  
    Who knows who we will pick up in the next few hours and post window - another guy with the impact of Hammill and we will all cheer up a lot. 
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    linwood bud reacted to Russian Saint in January Arrivals   
    Couldn’t agree more.

    I’ve had more laughs at a funeral than some of the stuff posted on here.
    I just wish the topic could stay as the title states, rather than petty bickering and the my dad will batter your dad playground mentality. Too may threads now being ruined with this.
    I get it that none of us will entirely agree with other forum contributors and I’m all for healthy debate and differing points of view, but come on guys....... give it a rest. We’re all Saints fans at the end of the day and all want the club to be successful.
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    linwood bud reacted to Bearsden buddie in Celtic v St Mirren - 23rd January 2019 (with thanks to Eric Arthur Blair)   
    Disappointing result, but can't be too surprised. We did not compete in the game much at all, however virtually no team has gone to parkhead this season has been able to do that. Celtic have a 100% record at home this season, we've seen Dundee and Motherwell go there recently and lose by 3, Hearts lose 5-0 and Killie lose 5-1 in the not too distant past, so it isn't much of a shock to see that we weren't able to compete much at all either. They are just streets ahead of us (and just about every other team) in terms of quality and it just makes it so difficult to try and keep them out. We are just gonna have to take this one on the chin, forget about it and move on and not judge how the rest of the season is gonna pan out based on a heavy defeat at parkhead which we have all seen plenty times before.  
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    linwood bud reacted to Buddie-Boy in Celtic v St Mirren - 23rd January 2019 (with thanks to Eric Arthur Blair)   
    Shocking performance tonight.  We offered literally nothing from start to finish which isn't good enough - even at Celtic Park (even Airdrie managed to get 5 attempts on goal against them on Saturday).  Hopefully we'll see some much-needed investment in the squad this week. 
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    linwood bud reacted to Doakes in January Arrivals   
    Hodson has been good in most games recently? Erhahon was the shaky one against Kilmarnock.... 
    Hodson seems to get more shit than others because he used to play for that lot
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    linwood bud reacted to HSS in Opposition January Signings   
    Steve Davies joins Accies.........
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    linwood bud reacted to Stu in Anton Ferdinand & Adam Hammil   
    That was my impression too but there've been a few articles recently saying it's only January. Even his quotes here suggest his contract is up soon.
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    linwood bud reacted to Gordon Urquhart in Samson to Sunderland   
    Can see this both ways. Leaves us short but if you are Sammy and have the chance to join an up and coming management team on the rise, you are going to take it.
    Stay and his career will peter out after this season, so wish him well.
    Jack Ross, what a guy. Only hope he remembers his own words and helps us in the future.
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    linwood bud got a reaction from TediousTom in Revenue Earning Investment by St Mirren   
    Learning after all, you see Tom you can teach an old dog new tricks after all, after all indeed
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    linwood bud got a reaction from St.Ricky in Speculation Thread   
    Looks like we’re missing out in Miller, going to Dundee by all accounts
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    linwood bud reacted to Maboza in Stubbs can go now   
    Stubbs has a very short space of time to turn this around in my opinion.
    I don't mean that so much in the sense of him getting the bullet but more in the sense of him having any chance of turning the squad around - if he's up to it. Even if things continue to go badly I'd have to imagine he would continue to get another few months at least. 
    I've not had an issue with him ripping up the squad but it put the pressure on him to improve it by who he brought in. He hasn't done that. 
    His recruitment has clearly been appalling.
    The only 2 who have added anything appear to be Willock and Jones. That's 2/12.
    If the dressing room (and particularly Jack Ross players) aren't with him - for whatever reason - then he might somehow manage to overcome that unrest if he gets enough of his owns guys in there to change the dynamic and take us forward.
    Unfortunately I just can't see it. Especially considering his recruitment. 
    Livi were better than us all over the park, in every position. They kept a team from last year, a leader at the back like Halkett, and added guys like Steve Lawless. I don't even recognise a few of their names but they bossed us today. 
    I didn't bat an eyelid about Gary MacK and Eck to be honest. I can buy it that they wouldn't be good enough (if we brought in better), but if its true that Cammy Smith is being chased out then I'm not buying that! 
    Finally - a feckin 3 year deal!!! Chairman has to take the blame for that. What the feck was he thinking?! Unfortunately he may have got carried away with his excitement to get a big name Celtic guy. Sadly, its our club and our clubs money thats at stake. 
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    linwood bud reacted to gilberto in Kenny Miller Free Agent   
    A very hard working and experienced striker, who still looks fit. I'd take a risk on him, as long as we don't break the bank to do so.
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    linwood bud reacted to djchapsticks in Tuesday's talk in - 1 Question, what would it be!   
    Given Stubbs' comments on Ross Stewart needing to develop, I'd even argue that we might be on the lookout for two centre forwards if Stubbs doesn't fancy him as quite ready at this level. I also think it's become quite apparent very quickly that he'll use Cooke very sparingly indeed if he hasn't really deemed him worthy of even another minute on the park since Spartans whilst other guys who toiled terribly that night like Jim Kellerman and Jeff King have both been given more game time since. 
    Right back and left wing we are also painfully short of options and we'll hopefully have someone for both of those positions. 
    On top of this, I think we are also quite short of options at centre half.
    By my reckoning, that would be 4 or 5 needed to fill the squad out. Will that mean trimming players from other positions? It clearly will if the manager gets his way. I think we are very well populated in central mid and with plenty of quality... we could certainly reduce by one or two and it wouldn't affect the overall quality. All signs at present point to McShane and I dunno, perhaps one of the two youngsters to go out on loan for the experience? Think Cammy McPherson and Ethan Erharon will both struggle to find any sort of game time just now. 
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    linwood bud reacted to TopCat in Three Questions Top Man Jimbo Could Ask Stubbs   
    Well there’s over a month of the transfer window to go. I expect us to sign around 8 more players.

    Eckersley was found wanting in several games towards the end of last season, Dundee Utd away being one that immediately springs to mind.

    He’s never good enough for the Premiership and I’m sure Stubbs can see that.

    We can’t be keeping players who aren’t up to Premiership level. Getting him off the wage bill (if someone will take him, and there doesn’t appear to be many clubs interested, which tells it’s own story) would be a real bonus.

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    linwood bud reacted to shull in Alan's first signings   
    We didnae make them. 
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