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  1. Ignore those posts boys some eejit took my phone!
  2. Picture 7 was class. When he got his leg out
  3. Have tae agree with you there...especially on first half, it was depressing. Yer man Love was pointed out to me and looks a decent act. Hope you got back OK, remember giving you that taxi number and not seeing you since!
  4. Taxi, Guiness in Belfast is shite compared to the real Dublin thing.

  5. Finally common sense has arrived with Shull I do agree. If you want to watch the fitbal there's plenty of websites which have Santa Sports (they still broadcast in Ireland), Sky, ESPN and so on. Watched J-League football once on t'internet. Surprisingly entertaining.
  6. I hate those fake AV/Malware programmes. They ruined my life for 3 days. After manual removal cause I was skint and didn't want to do a system restore I actually made my laptop worse by deleting the wrong directory entries. My solution: Hit it with a hammer.
  7. https://support.live.com/Default.aspx?&st=1&wfxredirect=1 Go to Windows Live Hotmail on the list there buddie. Hope this is of help. PS: Could do with some double glazing windows jf you dont mind, ta.
  8. Is there many Mirren badges out there? Into my badge collecting and wouldn't mind a few.
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