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  1. Im getting the train through with my son next week! Apparently the stadium is a bit out from the centre of Falkirk! Any tips for getting there from the middle of town?
  2. Had to decline yesterday cos I was supposed to be going on back shift and now today I've been told to stay on days? So could have played after all! #Bottomofthelistagain!
  3. Mr Gilhooey should be along soon to verify what u need to do!
  4. Looking forward to my return tonight! And I think I've still got a tenner for the kitty in the house! ;)
  5. If you go back to the first few pages of this thread bud its on there what u need to do?
  6. Buddies Bar In Los Cristianos,Tenerife. Great bar!
  7. Yup so all the St Mirren Fans play on a Wednesday at the dome and the rest of the non believers get punted to Linwood? I can deal with that!
  8. Was just about to post saying the dome was down again? Just passed it there and seen it was down! And I've already took myself off the list for the time being Brian as my backs gubbed again! Can't even run the length of my street! But hopefully make it back one day! Can't have these young upstarts beating us oldies too much!
  9. Yup just phoned the club! Saved me a taxi fare down!
  10. So I couldn't make it down this week to take advantage of the early bird offer cos I was back at work and if I turn up tomorrow it's £20? Hmm let me think about that one.........
  11. David mate even with two pairs of gloves on I'll still be rotten in goals?
  12. Yeah and I said I wouldn't come on here and mention Sean's two cracking finishes in the wrong goal? So I won't.......... ⚽️????
  13. No need Brian I got it sorted last night buddy! Cheers anyway! And cmon guys someone must be carrying an injury or something?
  14. Guys I got a new phone and for some reason I can't get onto the teamer app to change my number or see where I am on the standby list? If u need me for tomorrow let me know on here or Facebook? I'll try and sort the teamer thing tonight! Cheers!
  15. Shockarooni! Casey puts up a post where he's not moaning? You ok mate?
  16. That's team mate bias David? Nickys was well better,on the volley and everything? ;)
  17. Apparently they've painted hoops on the side of the airdome as well? Oh and hoopy hounds playing for the bibs tonight?
  18. There was that and big Martin trying to escape out the fire exit halfway through the game? Can't have been good for team morale?
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