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  1. Cheer up lads, come the end of February we'll be in a cup final, quarter final of the scottish cup and only be 1 point behind Ayr
  2. I'm assuming the 2000 capacity will be split roughly evenly? We should take 1000 no problem. East Fife's highest attendance this season is 784 (including away fans) so they might be a bit short of the 1000.
  3. Only recent similiar example that I can think of is Ryan Fraser who went from Aberdeen to Bournemouth for £400K after just 22 appearances. Obviously Aberdeen were playing in the top division though.
  4. It's disappointing we couldn't keep him till at least the end of the season but if the player wanted to move on then there's not much we can do and at least we have got a half decent amount of money for him and potential for a good chunk of future transfer fees. Not sure how much money is required to fix up Ralston but hopefully some of the leftover McAllister money will allow us to keep Mallan until the summer even if we end up making less money for him than we would selling him in the January window.
  5. Sounds like he has a great attitude and could be be fantastic loan signing.
  6. Don't think he's quick enough to be a proper wide player. But if any Barnsley scouts are reading this.. he's the white Usain Bolt
  7. He'd be on the highway to hell if he joined us Angus Gunn might be a better shout.
  8. Surely a broken hand wouldn't stop you playing? ETA - Forgot he's away on loan so it wouldn't matter anyway. Seems a weird choice to let him go if we knew Naismith was leaving.
  9. Langfield is a good shot stopper and can pull off some brilliant saves, but he wasn't nicknamed Clangers for nothing and he's only getting worse with age. I reckon if you went back and looked at all his mistakes this year he's single handedly cost us at about 12 points.
  10. Aye 5 aside or 6 aside both work on those parks, bit more running required fro 5s. A good we change but I prefer playing 7s or 8s, hopefully the dome will be back up soon!
  11. As you say, he has tons of potential and is a low risk buy for a Championsip club. Once he goes down there and has the benefit of better coaching, personal fitness and conditioning coaches and playing at a higher level, I think he could be turned into a Scotland international. Look at Ryan Fraser who never played that many games with Aberdeen but had potential, he spent a few years with Bournemouth and has now broke into the 1st team and looks fantastic.
  12. Thing is scouts aren't there watching him every week like we are, they'll watch him for a couple of games and then rely on highlights reels etc. Mallan will have an excellent highlight reel for a young guy he's scored some fantastic goals. ETA - Not that I think they'll offer £500K but you never know, it's almost pocket change to a Championship team.
  13. If it's true we've knocked back a 6 figure sum then it's a good sign we're willing to play hard ball at least a bit rather than just snap their hand off when they offer £100K.
  14. Whether someone is currently part time or not is pretty irrelevent, just means they should only improve when switching to full time and getting more training and recovery time etc.
  15. Was it St Mirren night on the radio last night? Stewart Gilmour, Gordon Scott and Alex Rae all on. Didn't hear any of it but doesn't surprise me Rae is bitter, he always came across as that type of guy. He may of had our best win % as a manager in years but that really is a pointless stat taken over too short a period to mean anything. The majority of that came in a 5 or 6 game stretch when he first took over where we ground out a few much needed results that kept us up in the end but that was not a sustainable way to play for the future.
  16. Rip out the appliances and stack them up and climb up them
  17. If that is the offer we should knock it back, he still has a year on his contract does he not?
  18. If we got 500K for him and a % of any future sell on fees then I'd be happy for him to go, as long as it was done it time for us to use the money to strengthen the team. Whether that figure is realistic or not I don't know.
  19. If Storie is a player in the Quinn mould then I would start Quinn and swap him with Storie when he tires around the 60 minute mark. I'd go with.. Gallagher Naismith Mckenzie Fjelde (if match fit) Irvine Morgan Mallen Quinn McAllister Sutton Loy
  20. It's a conspiracy to make me seem more optimistic than I am!
  21. Not sure how people can say it's a bad move for him, it seems like a great move for him to me. If we take off the black and white tinted glasses then he's being given to chance to leave a sinking ship who are looking likely to drop to league 1 to join a team currently in the top 6 of the premiership, why would he turn it down? It's an added bonus for him if he stays with us till the end of the season as I believe he is a saints man and will want to do all he can to help keep us up.. but if we do go down he's going to county anyway so win/win for him.
  22. This almost seems like a bam up that they are ironically calling this "Project Brave" when the SFA are rolling over and letting every other club in Scotland get f**ked over by the Gruesome Twosome as usual.
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