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    smcc reacted to stlucifer in Spat with Motherwell   
    Whether or not they car share, surely they are considered a "bubble"? Some players even share homes. That means they are classed as one unit. A family can car share so why not them.
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    smcc reacted to doonhamer in Spat with Motherwell   
    Is it an age thing Tom?
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    smcc reacted to stevie1877smfc in Motherwell (H) - 17/10   
    no i dont think we have as many people are saying all footballers have family who arent in so called bubbles this was always going to happen it could also have been picked up against qos who have had a few positive results i wouldnt be worrying about teams whose test are picking up positives thats what they are in place to do would be more worried about a team who has its own testing machine that returns constant negitive results but when theyre players are tested at international level different story
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    smcc reacted to Slarti in Big Boris, Our Prime Minister   
    It looks to me that there should have been a comma in there. I think he meant "... while we spend the next 10 years in negotiations with the EU, giving a tod to get a kilo.", not "... while we spend the next 10 years in negotiations, with the EU giving a tod to get a kilo." as you seem to have read it.
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    smcc got a reaction from Cookie Monster in Coronavirus   
    It appears that the truth is that all of the hospital's intensive care beds are full. No mention of total number of Covid cases in the hospital.
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    smcc reacted to Bud the Baker in Coronavirus   
    All sensible ideas, windfall taxes for these companies should be a "no-brainer" I'd add the big supermarkets too and throw in clawing back some of the billions of pounds that have been "gifted" to the (often incompetent) benefactors of the current government and we may indeed move towards the mantra of "we're all in it together". 
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    smcc got a reaction from Sonny in Queen of the South v St Mirren League Cup 10/10/20   
    Well worked goal at 1 min 40 secs.
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    smcc reacted to Bud the Baker in Coronavirus   
    Well that's a long one and I certainly don't agree with all of it.
    This is a new, singular. and relatively virulent virus unlike the common cold or flu which are catch all terms to include hundreds of strains. "Selfish bastards not obeying the rules" like the Bolton pub crawler in particular have been shown cause the spread of the virus, it'd be naive to think that the cavalier attitude of the government, It's chief Spad in particular and the hordes who rushed to the beaches or congregated outside pubs haven't contributed to the current resurgence.  I certainly don't see the logic in allowing cafes to open but not restaurants licensed to serve alcohol, as for bars I'd probably not have let them reopen back in the summer but the genie is out of the bottle now and it has an effect on the night-time economy in general.  How do you tell a genuine scientist from a fake one? Do you have proof that the current upsurge in deaths is confined to those with underlying conditions - last week you said "Cases are obviously rising but UK deaths are at about 50-60 per day and flat-lining over the last week." but that proved to be a bit optimistic. if deaths are not following the same exponential trend as the spring it's probably down to us having better treatments and as for those claims that there was no bed shortage that's not what the NHS is reporting in areas like the NE of England this week. I think you're right we have to get on with life but that doesn't mean we should abandon those policies like social distancing, mask wearing & hand washing that are known to cut down the spread of the virus. I don't think we should close the NHS down a second but we need a better strategy to cope with the pandemic. Sadly the current are unlikely to be generous with enhanced sick pay to keep ill people off work. If only they paid the same attention to party donors getting lucrative covid contracts as they do to those at the margins of society.
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    smcc reacted to lenziebud in Brandon Mason   
    Correct. The idea that Magennis wanted to stay is laughable. 5 year deal at Hibs to stay at SMFC, do me a favour. 
    So the club have done the right thing. Take the money, get thro COVID and see if there is enough for Jan window. 
    By Jan we will also know if Goodwin is cutting it and probably well before.
    Goodwin has to get on with it. The squad showed on Friday evening what it can do and its his job to get that level of performance and commitment from now on. 
    SMFC made a silly statement to placate a number of moron fans when they should have held their dignity and let Magennis go with grace.
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    smcc reacted to jaybee in Brandon Mason   
    Actually old boy, I think perhaps YOU are the embarrassment, the lad wanted to go and could have gone for free (or development money only) in January, so tell me what would you have done, he had been offered aa 4 year deal and didn't want to sign.  OK; so did he take an unfair advantage and wait till he recovered from his injury and then decide to leave? Some might think so, but he was injured as a St Mirren player and entitled to receive the best treatment we could give him.  Are we happy about it? No we are not.  But has the lad done anything untoward? No he hasn't, so we suck it up and move on.  Do people like yourself; running down members of our squad help?  Is it at all productive?  Possibly not would be my take on that question, we are St Mirren. we support our team...............ALWAYS. COYS.
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    smcc reacted to stlucifer in Kyle Magennis   
    No one said he asked for the move. IF the player didn't want the move after finding out about it then your opinion of how his last 7 months would go could stand up. The club said, once he knew of the interest, he drove the narrative. IF that is the case then I doubt we would have seen a player willing to go the extra mile as those mentioned. The two sides are blaming each other. I'm saying I choose not to jump on the bandwagon firing blame at the club with no real evidence.
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    smcc reacted to mattman in Welcome Daniel Finlayson   
    Welcome to the club Daniel! Hopefully see a left back in, was hoping for some creativity in midfield but times running out.
    Also, some of the comments on this post are embarrassing, facebook is much worse, but ffs what is going on😂 people moaning we’ve sold our captain and signed defensive cover, we where always going to sign cover regardless if Kyle went or not, it’s a position we’ve been crying out for. Put the daggers down😂. It’s been a rollercoaster of a day but we should be backing a signing not slaughtering it before we’ve seen the boy kick a ball!
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    smcc reacted to stlucifer in Kyle Magennis   
    It clearly WASN'T a financial decision. It's just as clear that Kyle wanted the move. There would have been no point locking him in for the rest of his contract and having a dissatisfied, probably, unmotivated player who could have upset the dressing room. It would have been hard for Magennis to ignore the chance to join a bigger club with a higher salary and, as it turned out, a longer contract. I'm not enamoured by the club statement but I'm also not jumping to conclusions as to the reasons behind it. The club needed to make it plain it wasn't their decision and you're calling them, or at least the author, liars without proof.
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    smcc reacted to LargsBud in Kyle Magennis   
    Theres a fair chance to club have access to the true facts as well.
    I don't have a problem at all with him wanting to leave. I just don't see whats wrong with the club letting the fans know what happened. We always complain when they leave us in the dark, now they tell us and they are the bad guys.
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    smcc reacted to LargsBud in Kyle Magennis   
    What's wrong with the statement? They have just stated the facts and wished him well at the end. Providing the facts are true I don't see anything wrong with it.
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    smcc reacted to pod in Kyle Magennis   
    It will be scarily interesting when it does. Because there will be nobody but themselves to blame if they don't get it right. 
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    smcc reacted to antrin in Kyle Magennis   
    It’s a pointless pile-on...
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    smcc reacted to antrin in Kyle Magennis   
    Y’see... there’s the problem.
    tell the fans nothing and they’ll bitch.
    Tell the fans something and they’ll embroider fanciful tales around the something.
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    smcc reacted to antrin in Kyle Magennis   
    Onwards and upwards.
    players move on.  The club persists.
    I doubt any other club’s fans would be so upset about an absent player, an injured one, being sold as he wants away -especially during a pandemic when money is short and there are other players out there.
    as I’ve said, I like Kyle.  I’ll probably stay a mild admirer.
    I’ll like whatever new players arrive.  
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    smcc got a reaction from Cookie Monster in Effect of Coronavirus   
    Would they all have died of something else if they had not developed Covid?
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    smcc reacted to stlucifer in Freedom   
    Or a "He's typing p!sh again" post. I know what my money would be on if I were a gambler.
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    smcc reacted to ALBIONSAINT in Coronavirus   
    Myths and conspiracy’s are fairy tales for adults. They have filled the void that was left by the decline of Organised religion, it gives some people the Sense that the world makes sense. Like religious stories there is no proof that they are real or ever happened. I look at the text above and ask, where is the proof? 
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    smcc reacted to Fricky-Troll in Covid-19 Club Statement   

    However, 1 Celtic player sneaks abroad - cancelled ( as precaution no test involved )

    Aberdeen players head to pub - cancelled

    Kilmarnock have a squad vast majority tested clear - cancelled
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    smcc got a reaction from chalky1 in Your All Time Favourite St Mirren Eleven Plus Manager   
    Dibble starting and on the bench?
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    smcc reacted to ALBIONSAINT in Coronavirus   
    Your right it’s not, it’s me and all the other licence holders, ah that explains why they used to spy on people with those vans and strange handheld radar devices back in the 70 and 80 s , it’s all making perfect sense now 😂
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