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  1. No but that shouldn't have happened either. 40 years on & you want time to have stood still? Next week, you might find out about the wheel. It was revolutionary. You will love it but maybe not, you seem happy enough stuck in the past.
  2. I hear there is a taxi driver in the Glasgow area who weeps like a Jessie every time a customer says to him "the change" Not much mention of this in the London papers but this morning, a tiny wee paragraph says "Independent inquiry will be published in full" not expecting much more than another coat of whitewash
  3. 1st paragraph, it states "the truth must not be distorted", yet they are determined to whitewash over all their misgivings & wrongdoings. anyways, enough about that shower of shite. Those defending the actions of Hibs &/or Rangers fans demonstrates the state of how morally bankrupt Scottish football is. If this was any 2 other clubs, the clubs would be absolutely hammered but having any side of the Old Firm (lets not pretend that that's not how the establishment sees it), I expect only a token punishment will be given out. Hibs should be absolutely hammered but Rangers cannot go unpunished if any of their fans were involved. The SFA should buy themselves a wee tour of Wembley and then get back & invest in the rail system that stops pitch invasions at Wembley. The fines given to Hibs and Rangers should pay for it so it is cost neutral. Anyway, I hope Rangers get their wish & the trust does not get distorted but both clubs & their supporters come under very close scrutiny for their actions throughout the whole day & not the last 10 - 15 minutes of the day.
  4. Hopefully when SMISA & GLS take charge, they'll think of St Mirren's largest supporters club outside of Paisley & hit London. Any teams will do. Squeazyjet to Stansted can be dirt cheap even if they popped down for a day to play a game
  5. We shouldn't but that won't be in keeping with the bend over & take it for ra rangers and ra sellic. Proper pile of shite if we do. The St Mirren manager won't allow it.
  6. Livi doing it too. There's this seasons precedent & now there is an excuse for us to do it too. Due to our Board bending over to accomodate The Rangers this Sunday, i wouldn't put it past them to suggest a guard. It's the least they could do seeing as St Mirren are earning all that extra money from them.
  7. No, I was in the home team that day. There was a home team, an away team {pictured above{} & the 87 cup winning team. Cracking day out. was it really 14 years ago, blimmin eck, the time has flown.
  8. The guy in the headband posted under the name Sephiroth. I was no 8 in the home team
  9. As a f**ker up of football kits too, i was pointed in the direction of the Sports Intensive setting On the washing machine. It purrs away at 30° and i have had no more kit catastrophe's.
  10. I had an illustrious dinner tonight, that's what the management said, then she poured me some fine wines too. Australian Shiraz here.
  11. another "Sumptuous three course dinner" then It's almost as mind numbing as one of Ian Murrays post match interviews. Mind you, wouldn't be surprised if they decaled, they knew more about putting on a dinner than the fans did. I'll wait for next years, it's bound to be sumptuous. ETA They sacked Craig & Murray for churning out the same old shite time after time after time....... Campbell Kennedy must be shitting himself.
  12. The rangers Football Club bankrolling Scottish football and keeping football forums bickering since 2012 ;-)
  13. Don't go there fella. Apparently, it is ok to take it up the .....Ar.....forget it. Think about what the club can get with all those extra millions
  14. BuddieinEK was seen doing cartwheels down School Wynd. The cliquing was his hips, allegedly
  15. Will St Mirren? & what calibre of player do you think they'll get for their £30K? will it buy a player capable of staying injury free & propelling us to a few more wins & a challenge for promotion? The story about a fella making a couple of fish and a few loaves feed 5000 is more believable than St Mirren doing something beneficial with the cash they realise from this get rich quick scheme. I hope all the ST holders renew next season as St Mirren needs every penny it can raise. Let's hope when the dust settles on this, St Mirren isn't wishing it could.
  16. perhaps Raith fans should grow a pair or admit to being girls? whaddaya think
  17. another demonstration of rangers & Celtic's claims that they bankroll Scottish football. A sad state of affairs and one that I wish, the club I support wouldn't stoop to.
  18. but season ticket holders in the family stand can go f**k themselves when rangers come to town
  19. It's kept your attention. You seem happy enough making a drama out of a drama
  20. Stuart, There is a very clear difference between relocating season ticket holders & giving up an entire "home" stand to a fluctuating demand for the away allocation of tickets. Of course, more tickets will be asked for by clubs with larger travelling supports but i dont think anyone anywhere gets shifted to do this.
  21. when Love Street went all seater, did season tickets let you into the ground only or were they seat specific? In this world of all seater stadia, I know of no other club that does not have seat specific ST's for stands with seats. Perhaps they exist somewhere but I can't see that being the case.
  22. I think we could abandon segregation if Raith Rovers, Falkirk & even Hibs ever needed extra tickets for a match at St Mirren park. I agree, we shouldn't need segregation at all. I don't know of anywhere else where giving up an entire 'home stand' to enable the club to make a few extra quid would be thought as a good idea. Only in Scotland eh. similarly to now, some St Mirren fans would have been outraged but like this thread, you have some who accept the situation, some who oppose & some who think it is the best thing since sliced bread. It is a sad indication of Scottish football that so many believe Rangers and Celtic money is needed to keep it afloat. The BoD's current decision supports that suggestion. We all know though, if the English League opened it's arms, the pair of them would be off like a shot without a backwards glance for Scottish football unless there was something in it for them like putting in a reserve team to keep their hordes happy. Scottish football is a busted flush.
  23. I understand why clubs do it but it sticks in my craw that clubs in Scotland have to stoop so low. I have a mate who is/was heavily involved with Albion Rovers and know how much effort has been put into keeping them going. We are hardly in the same boat though, after all we've got money to pay off ex Managers etc. anyways, not a situation I like for the club I support. I'd rather we gave them heehaw tickets but there's not a cat in hell's chance of that happening
  24. this has nothing to do with balancing the books. I seem to recall the justification was the extra would go to the playing budget next season. Personally, I am a firm believer in cutting the cloth & living within your means. If I was trying to balance the books, I wouldn't be relying on whoring my club to either Rangers or Celtic & I most certainly wouldn't partake in f**king such an important element of the fan base off. football in Scotland is morally bankrupt. St Mirren aren't the only club willing to bend over for Glasgow's gruesome twosome but that doesn't make it any easier to take when our BoD decide to whore the club for a few extra quid. anyways, I look forward to the posts {as I said} of the post match postings of what an enjoyable day was had & how everything went fine. I shan't hold my breath though.
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