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  1. What's wrong with the rumour mill for this or better still general nonsense !
  2. The bit about cups is total bollocks. If you don't win a cup the campaign can be consigned to the bin....GTF with that shite. Come clean mate and be honest and tell us what you really don't like about Goodwins tenure as to date it has been a story of constant improvement ?
  3. Just watched the full move for Cammys strike on Alba, what a fukin move. A real goal of the season candidate. Never realised the move was as good in real time.
  4. They play each other so.....9 it is. With Doyle in goals ....
  5. There was no midfield battle to lose tonight. Killie just looked to go long to Lafferty or Burke and feed off that all night. We had tons of possession, most of it passive nonsense in the 1st half but Connolly got us going out wide 2nd half and we suddenly looked dangerous.
  6. Fantastic second half. An absolute classic game of football and great credit to Saints as we looked dead and buried.
  7. Fakes and Livvy both cant make Europe !
  8. We need to be braver in that area however Ethan isn't good enough in possession so we end up with basically 2 holding and McGrath isolated so we lost that battle. We need another good attacking midfielder and a good finisher. It's not wholesale changes needed just that extra bit quality in those absolutely key areas.
  9. I wasn't advocating them playing but Cammy would have 100% been on the bench at least.
  10. Cammy suspended / injured ??? Mason vanished from the picture again too.
  11. "Bottled it" oh the irony from a total knicker pisher who literally bottles it every single game with your constant negativity.
  12. f**k me 3 days from the Scottish cup semi and it's a damp squib. I seriously think football ain't for you well not at Saints level. 2 Big teams 10m up the road if you want to support a team that consistently makes finals and top 6.
  13. The gold and silver awards are SFA licensing. The UEFA system is totally different. Basically we need an SFA license to play in the Scottish Cup etc, no bearing on the European scheme.
  14. What's the UEFA quotient when it comes to bigots ?
  15. Rules out Stadium capacity I suppose. I hope the Kibble and SMISA deals are within the scope of these UEFA licensing regs ???
  16. "Governance and Financial criteria" according to STV news
  17. You truly are the Kuntz Kunt. What a totally bellend you are.
  18. Stop posting utter shite in fact scrub that stop posting blatant lies
  19. Chartering an aircraft will be 50k plus alone with tax and fees. Your probably talking 70k per away match but hey it would be a bloody marvellous problem to have.
  20. Our name is on this. Sore one for Killie and cunts like God of War.
  21. We thoroughly deserved to be level. Massive change in momentum since Goodwin made the changes.
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