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  1. Yeah that Anglesey League and North wales League are dire, that's why I used to travel over to Bangor City.
  2. It's OK, preferred last year's strip. Won't be too bad if it's black shorts though. Still, a nice nod to our '87 Cup heroes.
  3. Before moving to Llandudno I lived on Anglesey and at that time I attended quite a few Bangor City games, particuarly enjoyed the derbies with Caernarfon. Those games were much like our Renfrewshire derbies with Bangor (at the time) holding a long unbeaten run against the "Coffis". FYI Bangor City once famously took Napoli to a replay at Highbury (Arsenal) in their first forray into European football, losing the game 2-1 after a 3-3 aggregate draw.
  4. And with nobody challenging them in any season then the standard won't improve.
  5. On a personal note, I was disappointed only the top two Welsh teams got in as my local team - Llandudno Town finished third (in their first season in Wales' big league, and have been drawn to play Gothenburg in the first round of Europa League qualifying). But to be honest after TNS the standard drops dramatically and even TNS aren't THAT good!
  6. Great start to the new season, decent first few fixtures - tough run in though, Arabs and Hibees last two away games! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's me signed up. Out of the loop a wee bit here in Llandudno, but happy to be involved in #BuyTheBuds
  8. More great stories, thanks guys - this should all be in a book!!
  9. The Old Rocking Chair, rocks no more. RIP Val.
  10. But, looking on the bright side.......ooh, it's St Mirren we're talking about.......there is no bright side......
  11. A nice wee home win to start a successful season!
  12. Welcome aboard Scott, a few goals would be smashing!
  13. I gave up after King Kenny left, nothing was going to happen (realistically) to make up for his loss.
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