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  1. I have been disappointed to see certain players leave the club but players move on for many different reasons. We thank them if they are successful which Cammy was. We move on as a club. Me personally I’m am excited about who we are going to bring in and watching them playing for St Mirren. I have faith in the management team to have a successful transfer window
  2. Can’t remember everyone that has been moved on but other than Hammil & Jones which I was a little sad to see leave the others I couldn’t care less about.
  3. Stays fit we have a very good addition to the squad
  4. I was a big fan of Jones he was really coming on to his game. I get that the squad is bloated and understand people moving on we all understand that. You mention that we have lost only 2 of the starting 11 at Killie but I expect more of them to go. Even at that I don’t believe that starting 11 were good enough to keep us up. The only players I wanted to keep were Jones, Ferdinand, P & S McGinn, Magennis, Hammil, Smith. The rest I could care if we punted them.
  5. Plenty of cover at centre half. We have Baird, MacKenzie, Kpekawa and if Ferdinand leaves we can recall Heaton. [emoji23]
  6. Certainly not worried yet on the signing front. I am puzzled however why Jones has went back to Southampton. If he was recalled then that’s fine I’m sure Southampton had that option. Also I read that we made an approach for the young lad Ralston. Again strange that we are going for right back when that is probably the only position in our squad we have decent options. Aw come oot in the wash am sure.
  7. He was asking a question. If that what he believes and if you disagree with it then there is no need for the guy to take abuse for it. This sort of abuse is driving people away from the forum and to receive abuse from your fellow St Mirren supporters is sad IMO.
  8. This is shocking behaviour. This guy comes on and posts and certain individuals give him abuse.
  9. This will split the supporters views that’s for sure. Queens Park are struggling in League 2 so perfect timing for Gus to jump ship. As long as OK is happy with it and doesn’t see Gus as a threat then it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.
  10. Let get right behind the new manager. Needs time and at least the January window to see what squad he can shape. We are crying out for stability and I think this appointment needs to be long term even if we need to go down to come back up which I know is easier said than done. Welcome Oran delighted to have you in charge
  11. According to The Sun Kearney has been offered a 3 year deal https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3173345/st-mirren-oran-kearney-three-year-deal/
  12. Not been confirmed by any official source. Kearney is thinking the offer over. To us it’s a no brainer but I think for him and his family it’s a hard decision. He would be resigning from two jobs and moving his kids from school uprooting his family. I will wait till it has been confirmed like many on here have mentioned we have jumped the gun before and been embarrassed.
  13. A part of me wants him to reject so we go for Goody
  14. Oran Kearney might not take the job if offered. Not just because he was overlooked previously but believing reports on social media he is earning decent money teaching and managing Coleraine. After Stubbs getting the sack after 3 months no matter what the circumstances this might be too much of a gamble for him personally to move and uproot his family to manage us and leave those jobs behind. If so Goodwin would be the most popular 2nd choice ever.
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