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  1. Vambo...please give me a youtube link if u have for the show ..will be nice to see after this reseacrh is over
  2. Thanks everybody got 105 replies so far:) @ Jerry ,Didnt know abt people using more than 1 alias y would that be @ Vambo , yeah I heard a lot abt those jokes , but this time you can blame it on americans that spelling of favorite was autocorrected by windows before i posted the survey, now i m confused and typing so many words since so many days , my spellings have gone bad waiting for the Day this gets over Ped , u seem to be a scholar Hope tomorrow is nice and sunny like today as well
  3. Hey thanks, will sure watch this one, ....I can already see how crazy people are for their teams Already 80 people responded in 20 hours that says a lot Even I want to see Saints winning now
  4. work is almost done , only part left is the survey and conclusion after collecting the data.....been working on this since 2 months , got 67 responses so far (considering i posted this last night , that is good )... need some 40 more , hopefully and then can do analysis next week , and submit on time ......I am good with course work but research is something i m doing first time.....my first degree is in fashion design though and masters is now in marketing so the approach has changed but thanks to you all i will learn
  5. what are dealings i m new to football please explain
  6. too bysy with research these days , got submission on 20th , give me few days and wud be able to tell u who comes to the forum at what time , who is serious, who is funny etc
  7. Yes I am not a native....I am an Indian from London...and being a girl i dont understand football much , but becoz of the reseacrh I am getting into it now , I m used to watching cricket please correct me if i am wrong at places and this forum is so addictive, saw it first time last night and can point out some regulars already
  8. thanks people for your respsonses.....i checked the link and here is the rectified link----i hope this works http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=c2P_...bOxjFoHEQ_3d_3d
  9. Made the changes now, by splitting the page , and correcting the spelling
  10. Thanks will change the error now
  11. Hello Friends , I am doing a reseacrh on effectiveness of sponsorship and St Mirren is my chosen team - of course coz I m studying at Paisley Uni. Please help me by filling up the questionnaire, this will only take 5 mins of your time I promise, and will be a very big help to me . http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=c2P_...bOxjFoHEQ_3d_3d Thanks a ton and all the best for the next match Minal
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