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  1. south_seas_saint

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    Get ready for a barrage Jaybee I however will not as I am with you ......... I've said before that OK has taken on a poison chalice with this job and coming in at this time after the Stubbs single handed destruction of any feel good factor between club and fans by the dismantling of a championship winning side (not saying that they would have been good enough without a few good addition in the premiership) but in truth and I think we all know this the damage was done even before Stubbs with the messing around of our once glorious leader and gaffer JR who and I don't shy behind the fact that he left us in the lurch at his timing when leaving.........So we can point blame here or there but to what purpose??? Fact is OK has now got HIS SQUAD and to be fair to him he has hardly had the same team on the pitch for more than a week or two at a time due to player movements and injuries. Now I don't have the luxury or "misery some would say" of seeing our Team play week in week out but what I have seen online has shown some potential and given a few weeks and the return from injury I think this squad has every chance of turning out a good one, now whether there is enough time to save us from the drop and I'm hoping there is, then I think even in fitba there is a place for nice guys with "an edge" that I believe OK has. I've been a Fan of our club for a million lifetimes and have never ever known our clubs fortunes to be anything other than a roller coaster of a ride so the answer is quite simple if ye canny take the bad wi the bad wi the bad and the odd gem bit of Good then your know cut out to be a St Mirren Fan it's who we are and I'm afraid will continue to be we are a small fish in a big puddle and we continually develop decent young talent both within players and management...........the one constant we have are the "loyal stand fast" at times moaning fans that we are only because we all want the best for the best we big club on the planet. Come what may we are the ones who will still support this club through "hell or high water" and aye ah know it feels like that a lot ....but as I said that's what makes us fans who we are and WE ARE SMFC77....... So chin up everybody and get used to it and come back and see me in a million lifetimes when you weathered the storm as some of us have KTF Buds
  2. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    was a rhetorical inward self thought question No one but ourselves will get us out of this .................so the season continues good and the bad or badder
  3. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    I do admire the attempt at eternal optimism. But it's getting harder to sustain after each game. When you've been a St Mirren Fan as long as I have eternal optimism is a requirement and a prerequisite for anyone who ever consider being one .............Been through more lows than highs with this club but have never jumped ship and never will so my glass half full attitude re my/our club will remain
  4. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    naw that reply did it
  5. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    tae be fair we've hardly had a sqaud thats played together for more than two weeks at any time this season ..............Haud oan lads it's going to be a roller coaster like no other as we battle to survive.....AND WE WILL KTF..............C'mon ye saints
  6. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    .....................wonder when we'll smile again
  7. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    accies win
  8. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    Killie and fakes not helping our cause any
  9. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    now need a goal for both saints teams and kille then no feel so big a task
  10. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    results as they are going just making our task even more difficult
  11. south_seas_saint

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    have to say I'm with Ricky and hve been since the skullduggery began...............move on....... JR was great with us but truth is we find ourselves in the situation we are in mainly in part to the goings on with his moving on at a critical time............so aye good luck to JR but more good wishes to OUR gaffer Oran K. Only ever be one team/club in my heart (unless you count Scotland as well ) SMFC77 Forever C'mon yeeeeeeeeee SAINTSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  12. south_seas_saint

    New Signings so far...

    I was having a laugh mate at the Reasonable, fair and honest opinions in St Mirren forums by stating that they don't go down well and was using your grading as a way of expressing how they are treated no attack meant
  13. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Groucho Marx played in oor midfeild and managed us a couple of times wisnae bad fae memory